Chinese PLA Army Drilling Pictures

Kinection said:
lol flyingfrog just got
She is pretty hot, and I did not mean to "own" flyingfrog, just point out that it was a mistake.

I like the pictures and would like to have more PLA one's coming. The occasional good looking woman in military gear isn't something to complain about :).
Oh well Kinection, I actually... well, about that pic, oh well ...

Now you are like this:

Me like this:

But actually I knew she is not PLA, check her American gear :D

To make me feel better, I am going to post a Chinese Nuke:

Precision said:
i feel better too, but id like the Pla woman pics too

They have webistes for that kind of thing if that is how you get your jollies, come one, women in the military should not be druled over, they should be treated like all other members of the military, with the respect of someone willing to die for their country.
This is enough about the women of the PLA, stay on topic or this thread will be locked.

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Curious as to where these phots were taken please?

Doing reserch on PLA for an Imagery Intelligence class. Decoys would be cool to add, just need to verify location. Thanks
AsianAmerican said:
Those "new tanks" pics are make-ups, fan's concept works.

The decoys are not easy to detect (cost some effort to find out).


there are probably 7 A quality Armies in china..
some famous one like 38th army( the ten thousands year army) and 27th army
those are well-equiped fast-reactionary troops, those cool pics proably all from these 7 Armies....

38th army is capable of playing with 2 U.S heavy divisions (like first calvary) or 3 U.S light division (like 101 para-infantry)
as far as i know,the PLA has about 7 A units,eg:38th,39th,54th,27th maybe 1th,42th as well.but undoubtly,the 38th is the best!
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