Chinese PLA Army Drilling Pictures

Redneck said:
whispering death, unless you have some form of verifiable evidence to support this claim, it will be considered country-bashing and any future occurence will result in further disciplinary action.

Fair enough, sorry about that, won't happen again.
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Sexybeast said:
what r they equiped?

anti-ship or anti-aircraft?

It will most likely carry ASM - Anit Ship Missiles. The Type of missiles i do not know, but their are rumors of C803-802 but those are speculations.
It was not real. Someone made it up. It also came with a picture; you can check it out on the link. Although the article news is in Chinese, The article says "the brand new su-30 crushed right after hand over to the Chinese", but the picture speaks itself, look at the plane's light wing, a red Russian star, the fire truck and the rescue workers were not even Chinese, also the van and cars at the far back are clearly European made cars. Whoever made this picture and the news report is clearly out off his mind.
Are those legit ship pics. Interesting that the Chinese just put out a tri-hull design while the U.S. is still working with a prototype. If they are legit are those 2 ships production models or prototypes?

i wish these fake pictures/stories about the PLA would stop appearing. they are not amusing or useful

so far there have three that i have read on this forum;

the "chinese" aircraft carrier ( the USS ronald reagan)
the stealth fast attack boats (clearly only mock ups with photo shopped wake)
and this su-30 crash (european vehicles, fire tenders)
yeah, the crashing su-30 story was first reported on a Taiwanese news paper, and makes perfect sense. have a fake picture, write a funcy article, to show the world that china's endless military build up posts a real "thread" to the region and have any political gain out of it, such as increasing spending on buying weapons from other country....
i dont think china would show its new military weapons so easily, so chinas got some fak pics to fool u guys, lol

most of the advanced tested weapons are probably hidden in mountain valleys waiting for testing, excpet aircrafts