Chinese PLA Army Drilling Pictures

Anti-Terror exercises, shot yesterday:






That has got to be one of the oddest looking Amphibious Craft I have ever seen. It looks like an SUV, any chance I can get me one of them. It would make my drive to work much quicker. ;)
Are you sure? Is that some sort of fan to make a makeshift smoke blind in the desert or something then?

Yes. I am sure, since it is written on the photo. The Chinese text says: the wheeled armored command craft belonging to Beijing Military Region. That FAN is maybe for the Air-conditioning :twisted:


That picture of you is very interesting looking. I am not sure if the 2 look similar. It does look "a bit" like this:

Type 92A (ZSL92A) armoured personnel carrier
Damien435 said:

Are you sure? Is that some sort of fan to make a makeshift smoke blind in the desert or something then?

The 'fan' is actually a propeller for crossing rivers and lakes.. ;)
AsianAmerican said:
Flying Frog u got any info on WS-2? Thanks in advance

WS-1/2 has been in development for years, now it is ready.
WS-2 has a range about 360KM, which covers whole Taiwan Island.

This is the news from JANE'S DEFENCE WEEKLY - MARCH 03, 2004

China develops WS-2 multiple rocket launcher

A new long-range multiple rocket launcher (MRL) is being developed by the China National Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CPMIEC) under the designation of the WS-2 (Wei Shi 2).

The rockets fired by the new WS-2 are understood to have a maximum range of 350km compared to the 100km maximum range of the earlier WS-1 MRL system. The rocket is fitted with a terminal-guidance device which is said to provide accuracy to within 500m.

The WS-2, like the WS-1, is based on a 6 x 6 or 8 x 8 cross- country chassis fitted with a forward-control cab. At the rear of the chassis is a mount with one layer of three rocket launcher tubes.

To provide a more stable firing platform, hydraulic stabilisers are lowered to the ground. The system takes 20 minutes to enter action and the rockets can be fired one at a time or in a salvo.

The WS-1 was developed in the late 1980s; the first version had four 302mm-diameter rocket tubes in two layers of two. This fired rockets to ranges of between 40km and 100km with a circular error of probability (CEP) of 1% of the rocket's range. The WS-1's solid-propellant rockets are 4.737m long, weigh 524kg at launch with a 150kg warhead and have a maximum speed of M4.2.

This was followed by the WS-1B which has four 302mm rocket tubes. This fires rockets to ranges of 60-180km with a CEP of 1-1.25% of range.

The 6.276m-long rockets have a launch weight of 725kg, including a 150kg warhead. Maximum speed is M5.2. The rockets can be fitted with various types of warheads including submunitions, fragmentation and "cloud blasting".

The WS-1 and WS-1B are normally mounted on the Mercedes-Benz 6 x 6 cross-country chassis manufactured under licence by China North Industries Corporation.

While the prime contractor for the WS-1 and WS-2 is the CPMIEC, it is understood that the solid-propellant rockets are produced by the Sichuan Aerospace Industry Corporation.

In addition to being in service with the People's Liberation Army (PLA), it is believed that the Turkish Land Forces Command (TLFC) received the WS-1 in the late 1990s.

Some sources indicate that five batteries were supplied, each having six launchers, six resupply vehicles and associated command vehicles.

They are based on the MAN 6 x 6 cross-country chassis, which was already used by the TLFC for a number of applications, including the TR-122 (40-round) 122mm rocket launcher (JDW 14 January).
um... why create two different types of 5.8 mm assult rifles??? isnt the bulpup version accepted and used by various elite units and soon all units?

Id perfer the bulpup version, and that the chinese army should use hollowheads in it
Although type95 is used by elite units, e.g.troops in Hong Kong ,that does not means this one is accepted by soldiers.In fact ,many soldiers hate type95 for they can not be well hidden if they use it.Even official expers also acknowlegded that there are too many shortcomings about type95.
anyway,I like type03 more than type95 .
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