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WHAT DA HELL?! That girl is wearing the ShuetzStaffel uniform! I don't get it "Some Chinese military fans " Nazis? Or you are compareing with nazis?! Now I'm really confused!? :?

NO, it is not nazi's, it is just some military fans with some old German gears :lol:

You can buy those things in China there are military equips shops in all big cities :twisted:

BTW, Uncle_Sam, when West meets East more, you will get more confused :lol:
Uncle Sam's right, if you look on the girl's helmet you can see a small 'SS' written in white lettering. The SS wore that uniform when they went into open field combat etc, she may be Chinese but she's not exactly a Chinese military fan if she's dressed as a Nazi.

First I found that the girls soldiers carry bullpup design assault rifles, 2'th above picture. :shock:

Is that chines made.Could you give me some informations about bullpup design assault rifle?
They look like hedgehogs! :lol:
No offence.... :D
And that rifle looks like an Enfield to me! Jesus Christ! Will anyone, except for USA, make something new and original?! :shock: :D
Very strange....local manufacture version/copy of the Augsta A 129 Mangusta maybe? Looks like helfire rockets on one side, perhaps a Chinese copy? 7.67 minigun in undernose turret(compared witha 20mm on the A 129)...Probably 4 ATGMs on the other side, and 2 packs of 70mm(?) rockets....I think its either a modified A 129 mad in China or a good photoshop con.
Sherman should be right.

I cannot find the article of last week now about possible Italian cooperation with PLA in coming month.