Any of you in JROTC?

Captiva, I don't know why they call it Junior Officer Training Corps. I guess the name just stuck.

Why do all the service have to participate? Pride more than anything else. I was a product of Marine JROTC. I loved it. Our Gunny was a God. On graduation, I was enlisting in the Marines hell or high water.

Probably the only time I ever got into a pissing match with my father. I agreed to try college. We cut a deal that I'd try it for a year.

The Navy ROTC program was boring and the Army gave me a full scholarship. Not being stupid, I went Army.
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reserve officer training corps ,makes it sound like it is only for officers
just to make it clear australia has one cadet group for the navy another for the army and yet another for the airforce
I think they got the Officer part from the College program that DOES recruit people into mainly officers, the Reserve Officer Training Corps (Very creative names, huh?). As someone has more likely than not pointed out, it can help pay for college, and you go into whatever branch's ROTC it was as an officer. (Say you go through college under a Navy ROTC scholarship, you get to go into the Navy as an Ensign, O-1)
On a separate note, however; I'm also in my school's JROTC unit. Area 5, Osbourn Park High Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (I just looooove spelling that out, don't you?) as a Freshman, and an NS-1. I am happily the first person in my Platoon (JROTC class period) to get advanced to C/SA =D

Yes i am in JROTC i want to go in the army and be the first female sniper or ranger what school do you go to :sniper: