Any of you in JROTC?

Former Cadet in Army JROTC. Sunset Senior High School, Sliver Knight Battalion. Now I'm a Army Veteran. Did some time in the sandbox and I'm still proud of being a former cadet. It's a great program. Keeps oyu off the streets and you make good friends.
Well, I'm not in JROTC, but I am in something just as good. I am in CAP cadet program. We study our leadership, we drill, we learn customs and courtesies, we have a color guard, we have our ranks, we have our chain of command. We also have an aerospace (aeronautics-outer space) We also have to do PT. Since alot of homeschoolers like me, cant really get into JROTC at the local schools, the only other option really, is to join CAP.
Cadet/Chief Master Sergeant Henderson of Huntsville,Alabama AFJROTC here....when I made the account I was only a Master Sergeant.
.....Can you find me??? If not then I really dont see the point.. besides i said i was j/k (just kidding) in case u didnt know