Any of you in JROTC?

I am In JROTC in Hawaii. I kind of like it. There is alot of favortism here in my JROTC. I am A sophmore and I am a CAPTAIN. There is a girl here in our JROTC who is getting an award but she doesn't deserve it.
Ah, well, I'm a sophomore and a Commander (same as Lieutenant Colonel in Army/Air Force/Marine JROTC if you didn't know already). Some people advance more quickly than others...just depends on the unit and how good you are at paperwork. :lol:
I am the adminastrative officer. But the other cadets not on staff don't get promoted as fast. We on staff do get promoted faster but certain positions get promoeted fast.
MCJROTC oorahh!!

I am currently a Cadet Staff Sergent in MCJROTC, I was a platoon sergent, but that was my rank for my sophomore year (04-05). This school year (05-06) I am going to be a Cadet 2nd Lt.. I am going to be a platoon commander!!! Hell yea...I Love MCJROTC!!! It is my life!
Doesn't look like my school is getting a MCJROTC. Where I live there is only Army and Air Force. But if we do get it I'll be the BC no doubt about it.