Any of you in JROTC?

Now i'm Cadet Sergeant First Class Brent Brown HHC company commander and Honorguard commander and Financial officer assistant. my title is finally sounding a little cooler :)
im in rotc... just going in this next year though as a freshman... i went to a summer camp this past week and it ended today it was fun so yea ima be one of the first to get promoted though and im in the marine jrotc yea and i already like it a lot
was in AJROTC for my freshman year (08-09) in Sarasota, Florida.
now in AFJROTC for my sophmore year (09-10) in Spartanburg, South Carolina

I'm a freshman in NJROTC, Deptford Township High School, New Jersey. I kinda made myself recognizable already lol. I joined drill team, am going to participate in a breast cancer walkathon.

I'm loving NJROTC, its just like my break from school to just have fun.
I did 6 years with CAP, 5 before going off to college.

Just renewed my membership after lapsing for 4 months.

Still a C/Capt since March 2007, but with online testing coming soon, I just may hit C/Maj before aging out.

I'm a C/1st Sergeant in AJROTC, i've been in for two years now and i'm going towards my third junior year. I'm the drill team NCO and 1st Sergeant of A company which is of two companies. I like JROTC Ive always wanted to join the military and JROTC helped me to relate and get more information and learn about the military and give me options as well as it helped me to build character and leadership
I am a C/Operations Squadron Commander in AFJROTC. I am in my third year and my rank is 2nd Lieutenant. Although I plan to go into a different branch (Marines), AFJROTC has tought me some lessons that could be used anywhere.
why have so many ????why not have one per service makes sense to me ...
but then again i dont always make sense:confused::-D
Captiva, each service, even the Coast Guard, have JROTC programs. Some 3,500 different units are in high schools across the United States. You might be confusing it with a military academy (one per service).

The program is generally voluntary, although my daughter's school required each student to do a semester in JROTC.

It's a great program. Some 30% to 50% do end up entering the military.

If a participant joins enlisted, they generally get promoted automatically upon graduating basic. Up to E-3, so it puts them 6 months to 12 months ahead of their peers.

And I was in Marine JROTC. It certainly helped me when I went into to ROTC and to get an Army Scholarship.
OK i don't think there is an equivalent of this in australia is this like a military cadet type organization???

i was in the Australian air training corps (airtc)

like why is there a separate one in each service for officers?
in australia there is one for every service which includes all junior member from each type of services
officers to recruits and as far as i am aware a large portion go on to serve there countries
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