Any of you in JROTC? - Page 7

May 30th, 2009  
Now i'm Cadet Sergeant First Class Brent Brown HHC company commander and Honorguard commander and Financial officer assistant. my title is finally sounding a little cooler
June 11th, 2009  
C/MSG Paradela
Army JROTC, Union, NJ.
July 24th, 2009  
Proud Texan
Originally Posted by Fox
I'm C/LTJG with Fredericksburg High School, Texas, NJROTC.
MCJROTC, New Braunfels High School, Texas.

July 24th, 2009  
SR Singleton, USNSCC
US Naval Sea Cadets, Liberty (AGTR-5) Division. Amityville, NY.
July 24th, 2009  
im in rotc... just going in this next year though as a freshman... i went to a summer camp this past week and it ended today it was fun so yea ima be one of the first to get promoted though and im in the marine jrotc yea and i already like it a lot
September 20th, 2009  
cadet gnoth
NJROTC area 8 im a SA
September 27th, 2009  
was in AJROTC for my freshman year (08-09) in Sarasota, Florida.
now in AFJROTC for my sophmore year (09-10) in Spartanburg, South Carolina
October 7th, 2009  
going to be AFJROTC next simester
October 10th, 2009  


I'm a freshman in NJROTC, Deptford Township High School, New Jersey. I kinda made myself recognizable already lol. I joined drill team, am going to participate in a breast cancer walkathon.

I'm loving NJROTC, its just like my break from school to just have fun.
October 10th, 2009  
I did 6 years with CAP, 5 before going off to college.

Just renewed my membership after lapsing for 4 months.

Still a C/Capt since March 2007, but with online testing coming soon, I just may hit C/Maj before aging out.