Whats ure favorite TV Show(s)?

It would all have to be on the History Channel and Discovery. Mail Call, History Viewpoints, Tales of the Gun, Off to War, The Color of War, and the show Making Marines.
I love Tales of the Gun. They had the whole series in one week here last week, and it was a festival for me. Liked the guns of Afgahnistan....Crazy Mujahadin with muzzle loading black powder rifles against Russians with AK47...LOL
Current shows:

most anything on History Channel

Off-Air shows:

Hogan's Heros (have the complete tape set)
Hammer! (my Ex HATED that show)

American Dreams, American Idol, Friends, Third Watch, and SAS:Are You Tough Enough? (Has anyone seen that show? It's probably unrealistic but I do love that "Staff" guys accent :) )
Shadowalker said:
Well as staff and all the other trainers etc. are ex-SAS it should be mostly realistic.

Yeah, I know. But I mean they can't really put them through everything the SAS actually do when they're recruiting people, can they? :?
No they cant do everything that probably take place, but the stuff they get them to do does happen, so its realistic in that way, and it is appealing, so it might be beneficial for people wanting to join the army.
aussienick: yeah 7:30 report is required watching!!!!
today/tonight can go take a long walk off a short pier IMO :D

i watch,
Spooks (awesome show from the UK)
The Panel
Rove Live
Russel Coights all aussie adventures,
oh and the teenage mutant ninja turtles when i was a litrle kid:D
JAG. Well, I don't watch it as much as I used to. Mac, Harm, and Roberts are starting to look really old (physically). They should put in more guys like Mikey.

That 70's Show