Whats ure favorite TV Show(s)?

* Almost anything on the History Channel, especially military related. :rambo:
* 24
* The Shield
* Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC)
* Future Fighting Machines
* X-Play
* Anything on the G4 part of G4TechTV

That's all I can think of right now.
I've got a couple of favorite tv shows:

The Simpsons
Hogan's heroes
Happily ever after
Married with children

stuff like that, y'know :lol:
anything on History channel but as far as old shows, I'd say BJ and the Bear and Sledgehammer! :)

AlexKall, the show you are talking about....is it Tour of Duty? great show!
Home Improvement
Drew Carey
tales of the gun (but they get kinda old once youve seen them all)
Mail Call
Gilligans Island
Reno 911 is about ****ing retarted
I was MXC sometimes, but its just funny as hell to see them japs beat the hell outa themselves :P
Cartoon: Speedy Gonzali's (cancelled dang it)
Old show: Emergeny, Rescue 911, Get Smart, Green Acres
Comedy: The Chapelle show(sp?)
They did. I believe channels like FX show re-runs.

As for me, Conan O’Brien, anything on History Channel, Alias, Celebrity Poker Showdown, Monk, Sex and the City, Law and Order SVU, Without a Trace. . .
Arrested Development - Have not seen it yet, plan to though. I have heard it is a very good show. Also, what channels are all of you watchin? I am surprised to see how many of you are watchin old re-runs.