Whats ure favorite TV Show(s)?

Pooey. Both of those used to be OK... Now they're stupid. G4 sucks. It messed everything up. Took off Spy School.... Pissed me off.

I watch mostly documentaries and such on the History, History International, Discovery, Discovery Wings, and National Geographic. Favorite shows? Heavy Metal, Modern Marvels, Tales of the Gun, History Viewpoint, and Be the Creature. Oh yea I also watch Jeopardy because someday I'll be on.
History channel. But for comedy my favorite show is Reno911. Now that I am out of law enforcement, I enjoy laughing and making fun of my co-workers (as I did when I worked with them).
Lee Ermeys Mail Call (nothing like learning the details of a tank.

In the old days, I enjoyed Major Dad (cancelled a long time ago . . . . Dangit)
B Platoon Veitnam, was that the correct name of it? It was really good in my opinion :)

Dont think that was what it was called, i just cant remember. Was a VERY long time since i saw it heh

Might have been Platoon B in Vietnam, still thinking :P
Cartoons - King of the hill, Futurama, Aqua teen hunger force

Cartojos - Cowboy bebop, Trigun, Lupin the third, Outlaw star

Other- Mail call, MXC, X play, Extended play (old school)

and thats the end of that. :cowb:
As of what i understood (of watching it) its was about a pair of "undercover" police officers (i might be totaly wrong, was a while since a saw a episode)
I generally get annoyed watching law enforcement related dramas because they are so inaccurate. For example, the cop kills three people and goes home ten minutes later...

They never seem to have to do paperwork.

They always get to talk sh*& to their superiors...

I wonder if you military people feel the same way about military shows...
Yes, I use to let things like that bother me, now I try to let them roll off and remind myself it is only a show.