What war interests you the most?

I think the Civil War, not for the violence, and machines, and stuff like that. But mostly for what the war represented, the freedom. It started a totally new era.
WWII is definitely the best war to learn about and by that I mean they overly teach you about the American Revolution, Civil War etc. I think I've spent at least 3 years of history learning about late 1700's to the late 1800's and after a while you just get bored of it. So far I've learned about 2 weeks worth of WWII, that is just in school though.
My 'favorite' war is WWII. Mainly because of the weapons and technology used in that war.
Vietnam by far it's the longest war in U.S history plus with the peace movement and all the anti-war at the time it was a bad time in America
WW2 , falklands (noticed someone here had that too, gd man. nice pic too) oh and korea was interesting but vietnam is just kinda freaky but scarily makes sense.
Im a more WWII person and a Veitnam subject kinda guy becuase there the main wars we can learn from...dont f :cen: with the U.S.
WW2 - Eastern Front. The biggest battle in the history of humankind. No other conflict comes close to matching it for scale, casualties and sheer intensity.
let me think

Well this seems sad but the periods that would interest me if i took the time to investigate would be the Roman Times. The way thier battles went, how they over came situations even the fact that they had control over alot of population.

Even though they were ever so bloody they still stand as one of the best conquers in history and for that I respect them as well as them having influenced most of the world.