What war interests you the most?


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Haha, I know the title sounds pretty tore up, but what I mean is, are any of you history "buffs" and if so, do you focus on any particular conflict? Myself, I am extremely interested in the naval battles and warships of the Napoleanic wars, and World War II, specifically the European theater. I'm also more interested in the equipment and training of the troops than the actual operations (don't ask me why, not sure myself).
I am big into World War 2 just about every aspect of it really. If History channel is running a program that has anything to do with World War 2 and I'm not busy you can count on me watching it. WW1 is kind of interesting but I'm not as big into all that trench warfare.
Ancient Warfare (Persians up to the Romans) and modern warfare Id have to say are my biggest interests, but overall I really love history and am always looking to learn about new era's.
Favorite war!??
As Gen. Sherman once said: "War is Hell (a hell lot of fun...)" or something like that.. :D

My favorite war must be World War 3-5, because they have never happened.. 8)

Your question is a bit strange, but if I have to pick a "favorite" war it must be World War 2.
I'm very interested in military history, and there is a lot of great examples of good and bad tactics there that we still can learn a lot from today.
I'm a big WWII person... I'm really into the holocaust and stuff... not really sure why, but yeah, and then bombing japan, and pearl harbor... but i really am interested in those
Well, I consider myself a student of WWII and Vietnam primarily. Focusing on infantry, special operations and the like.
Well, war is certainly a horrible thing but the war I think is the most interesting is World War II, I have read a alot about it throughout the years.

World War I is rather interesting as well and it's a bit unfortunate that WWI has been overshadowed by World War II since some of the reasons that started WWII goes back to WWI.
World War I is rather interesting as well and it's a bit unfortunate that WWI has been overshadowed by World War II since some of the reasons that started WWII goes back to WWI.

I definetly agree, and concidering the 2nd World War was a direct conciquence of the first one boggls my mind why there isnt as much information about it.
i think its because the holocaust kinda almost stands as a war itself in a sense, blocking out WWI, and parts of WWII... moost of WWI was trench stuff... which i'm not interested in too much but yeah
moost of WWI was trench stuff

Unfortunatly thats the myth, yes the trench warfare was a big part in the western theatre, but what about the battles raging in the Ottamon Empire and farther into Persia? And then the russian revolution preety much counts as a war in itself. Face it, this war was the first modern war, it's outcomes are still being felt today. It just needs more respect is all.
Yeah, I wouldn't be in to WWI beyond anything the Allies did. I really haven't bothered much with it. The only things I know are from watching the story of Alvin York and from the history presented in my Red Baron flight game.
Indeed World War I was the first modern war, this was the first time tanks, gas, airplanes and machine guns (on a big scale) were used. It was also the first time so many soldiers where killed or captured in a single war, for example at the battle of Tannenberg the Russians alone lost 250,000 soliders.
Yeah, it was the first modern war. The thing is though, I think the reason why people don't look at WWI all that much anymore is that everything that developed from there quickly was wiped away by the war that came next, WWII. Completely new methods shot down the 'tried and true' tactics stemming from the Great War, such as the blitzkrieg, strategic bombing, and aircraft carriers to name a few.
Yeah, the whole techonology of WWI is pretty cool, but thats about the only thing i can find interestin... except the whole murder that kinda started it all.. that was weird
I "study" the Vietnam War more than any of them but I wouldn't go as far as to say it is a 'favorite' war.
I am most interested in WWII because both of my grandfathers fought in it, as well as several great-uncles and cousins. Their stories and experiences sparked my interest. I think there is more interest in WWII because communication had eveolved so much at that point, and we can see more film and photos of it to a greater degree than in WWI. Also movies such as Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers have helped to generate a lot of interest now.
I would say the Cold War is the most interesting..

Though, I don't really had interest on study wars, but I am always open to learn about them.

But the Cold War is what I really would like to know everything about.