what medals and ribbons do YOU have?

I think those are obtained when you participate in the Indonesian Confrontation in the 1960s. I heard quite a lot of indonesian Commandos infiltratied the british and bombed up some structures!
Expert badge with M1 Carbine and Missile bars
Sharpshooter badge with M1 Rifle bar
Good Conduct medal
Even though I served during the Vietnam Era, I never received the NDSM but I qualify for it.
Presidential Unit Citation (blue one)
Medals-Logistics, and Outstanding Cadet
Ribbons-Community Service, Activities, Rifle Team, Drill Team, Good Conduct, Dress and appearance, Academic, Sons of the Revolution.
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Normally how do you qualify for all this badges and who authorises them ?

Here's a good site for explanations for receiving each one.


There are links on this site for more medals at the bottom.
The requirements for earning medals usually don't change but how many are awarded depends on the war or action. In the Korean conflict, medals were few and hard to get. In Vietnam, medals were pretty plentiful and easier to earn.
There certainly are alot of "different" medals out there!! No offence but medals for finishing basic training. What I got for finishing Kapooka (australian army basic training) was a ticket to a place were more a@#holes wanted to yell at me!! haha (School of Infantry).

But each to there own I guess.
Nothing really spectacular to date, but more is to come.:wink:

- Deutsches Sportabzeichen Bronze (German Sports Award Bronze)
- Deutsches Rettungsschwimmerabzeichen Silber (German Rescue Swimmers Award Silver)
- Medaille Schweizer 2-Tage-Marsch Bern/Belp (Swiss Two Days March Bern/Belp Medal)
- Leistungsabzeichen für Leistungen im Truppendienst Silber (Performance Award for Troop Service Performance Silver)
- US Army Rifle Expert
Whoa! Neat! You guys are pro!

How come those Generals in the US army wear so many ribbons? Are they really won through war or are they just official "decorations"?
I know a chap who has one medal and 11 clasps to it, that is one for battlefield he had fought in. One thing about the UK they love to do things on the cheap.

Navy Commendation Medal - 1 Gold Star
Navy Achievement Medal
Navy Unit Commendation
Meritorious Unit Commendation
Battle "E" with 2 E's
Good Conduct Medal
Navy Reserve Meritorious Service Medal - 6 Awards
National Defense Medal - 3 Awards
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Southeast Asia Service Medal with 2 bronze stars
Southwest Asia Service Medal with 1 bronze star
Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Military Outstanding Volunteer Medal
Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon
Armed Forces Reserve medal with Silver Hour Glass, Letter M and #2
Vietnam Campaign Medal with date bar
Kuwait Liberation Medal - Kuwait
Kuwait Liberation Medal - Saudi Arabia
Expert Rifle
Expert Pistol

EWSW Qualified
Command Senior Chief (Senior Enlisted Advisor)

And I got 2 brownie points for not getting shot ever!
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AJChenMPH said:
EWCS: do you mean Southeast Asia Service Medal?

Damn, that's an impressive rack. :salute2:
Yep, I seem to be slipping with age!! You know I'm 39, a very experienced 39.

zander_0633 said:
He has a good collection! BTW, is it true that the more action you see, the more ribbons you get?
Not necessarily, sometimes it's just being at the right place at the right time. But if you think about being associated with the military for 20-30 years you are bound to be in the right place at the right time.