what medals and ribbons do YOU have?

"ASR" Army Service Ribbon.

"AAM" Army Acheivement Medal.

"ARCOM" Army Commendation Medal.

"GCM" Good Conduct Medal.

Expert: Rifle (M-16A2) and Machine Gun (M-60)

Marksman: Grenade

German Marksmanship braid "Schutzenschnur" Bronze.

"MUC" Meritorious Unit Citation.
"PUC" Presidential Unit Citation.
My ribbons:


The ribbons are as follows:
Top row: Swedish Armed Forces Basic Training, Swedish Armed Forces Medal for International Service (2 times), Kronobergarnas Drill Corps
Second row: US Army Good Conduct Medal, NATO Kosovo Medal( 2 times), DanCon March (Danish Contingent March)
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The topic is:
what medals and ribbons do YOU have?

And nothing else!
silent driller said:
For now I just have a JROTC fruit salad:
community service(silver lamp), drill team(gold EGA), color guard(gold EGA), longevity and fidelity(bronze lamp), exellence in military training(silver lamp), sports(silver EGA), and best drill cadet(one of only two people in the history of our company).

Time for an update...
community service(gold lamp), drill team(gold EGA), color guard(gold EGA), longevity and fidelity(silver lamp), exellence in military training(gold lamp), sports(gold EGA), best drill cadet(still only two of us!), staff NCO leadership, and a military leadership exellence medal.

I've lost track of how many CAP ribbons I'm supposed to have, but I'll be back later with those.
Heavily Decorated here.

Good Conduct Medal (Barely)

Sea Service Deployment Ribbon with a Star.

Oh yeah and a Rifle Marksman Badge ( I'm a non shooter) :shock:
Seems to be a lot of gold and honor issued here.

I have golden 1st class marksmanship badge reached in marksmanship test with assault rifle. I reached 1st class with machinegun too but nothing issued for that.


2nd class physical fitness badge. I ran 2970m in 12min cooper test on slippy frozen road in winter, 30m more and bagde would have been 1st class. :(


Then golden FRDF beret badge earned in training, KFOR operation sleeve badge and a few non-finnish badges and rank insignia traded.
In Britain medals are a bit of rarity, most of them indicates that you have at least served in a combat zone. The few that you can get awarded with out getting shot at is a Good Conduct Medal mind you it takes 22 years of unblemished service to get one. The other one is the Queen will occasional award a special medal to celebrate some thing like her Golden Jubilee, and is it this that you will see Prince Harry wearing. When I was in the forces you would only get one medal and they would give a clasp for every combat zone that you served in. This Medal is the General Service Medal and I know people that have eight clasps on their single medal. It was not until the Falklands war did things change, although there was one for Korea and that is a 30 year gap also medals awarded by the United Nations has added to some of troops total.
Sounds good to me, LeEnfield. I prefer the British and Commonwealth perception of medals and ribbons or at least the USMC one. I have so many Army medals and ribbons I look like frickin' Patton in my dress greens. I hate it! At least in mess dress blues or whites it's medals only which cuts it down a bit.
Time for an update

The one next to the solid green one I haven't recieved it yet but i figure i'm authorized enough since they let you wear the pip once your Mitchell has been posted. It goes: Unit Citation, Mitchell, Armstrong, Goddard, Doolittle, Lindbergh, Rickenbacker, Wright Brothers, Feik, Arnold, Curry, Red Service, Cadet Community Service, Encampment (3 times), Cadet Recruiter. But I don't wear them that much. Only when in full dress blues.

Mitchell (not yet, but give it a few weeks) Armstrong, Goddard, Doolittle, Lindbergh, Rickenbacker, Wright Brothers, Arnold, Curry, Red Service, National Cadet Special Activities, Encampment (2 times)
Campaign Service medal 1922 with Bar 'Malaya'

Campaign Service medal 1962 with Bars 'Malaya'
'Northern Ireland'

Long Service and Good Conduct Medal for 18 years undetected crime.