what medals and ribbons do YOU have?

For now I just have a JROTC(we call it day care) fruit salad:
community service(silver lamp), drill team(gold EGA), color guard(gold EGA), longevity and fidelity(bronze lamp), exellence in military training(silver lamp), sports(silver EGA), and best drill cadet(one of only two people in the history of our company).
I have only the NATO medal for services in Bosnia (the same one than Redleg). The Spanish Army doesn't award with medals missions overseas, nor courses or anything - they're only for valor and merit awards, so they really meant something. Instead, you got a badge worn in the right side of the uniform, while medals are put over the left pocket, where I only have the airborne hunter's course wings.

AF Achievement Medal
Air Reserve Forces Meritorious Service Medal
National Defense Service Medal
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
AF Basic Training Honor Graduate
Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon (with a device M-16 and M-9)
AF Basic Training Ribbon
Oregon Naiotnal Guard Superior Soldier/Airman Ribbon :rambo:
Oregon Meritorious Service Medal

That's about it I think
Air Assault Badge
Army Commendation Medal (2)
Army Achievement Medal (4)
Army Reserve Overseas Training Ribbon
Army Overseas
National Defense Medal
Good Conduct Medal
Army Reserve Achievement Medal (3)
Expert Rifle
Drivers Badge (track)
Drivers Badge (wheel)

The expert rifle badge should be a bronze distinguished riflemans badge for my 4 points but you know how the military forgets things after a change of command...
for CAP i got an Encampment ribbon, Curry Achievement Ribbon, "Hap" Arnold Achievementt, Fiek Achievment, Wright Brothers Achievement, and Squadron Merit Ribbon with three propellers. and an Aerospace Ribbon on its way.
Redleg said:
It stands for "Norsk Avdeling av Den Internasjonale Skytterunion".
(You understand that one, right... :wink: )
I'd say it means "Norwegian department of the international shooting union." But I'm not sure... :)
A whole mess of meaningless JROTC awards and Navy Marksman awards for pistol and rifle (Experts "E"s on both...worked my ass off for those... :rambo: )
nulli secundus said:
for CAP i got an Encampment ribbon, Curry Achievement Ribbon, "Hap" Arnold Achievementt, Fiek Achievment, Wright Brothers Achievement, and Squadron Merit Ribbon with three propellers. and an Aerospace Ribbon on its way.

Forgot all about my CAP ribbons:
Curry, Arnold, Wright Bros, Rickenbacker, Lindberg, Doolittle, Goddard, Armstrong, Red Service, Encampment, Spec. Activities(Hawk Mountain Ranger School), CAC, Unit Citation... and that's it, I think.

anyone in JROTC can guess that one...

Outstanding Unit

My unit received it last year for having the best drill team in AK and the fourth best in the nation
They just made me the drill commander at my school. I plan to do quite a bit of ass kicking this year. I may just add that ribbon to my chest.
The RCAC hardly has any medals at all. There is only 4 medals in total: THe Legion Medal, The Lord Strathcona Medal, The Air Force Association Medal, and the Cadet Medal for bravery. The only things that I have close to a medal are:

ITIC badge
ITAC badge
Silver fitness badge
marksman level 4 badge.

Academic Ribbon First Award
First Year ribbon

and that's it.

stuff that belonged to my grandfather the most resounding was the Distinguished Service Cross.
I have A Navy Good Conduct Medal, Navy/Marine Corps Acheivement Medal, Sea Service Ribbon (4 Stars), Overseas Servie Ribbon(4 Stars) Meritorious Unit Commendation (1 Star), Battle "E", Joint Meritorious Unit Commendation, Global War on Terrorism medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary (1 Star), National Defense Medal, Southwest Asia Medal (1 Star), Expert Rifle Shot and Exert Pistol Shot.
well i got another ribbon, the Lindberg achievement, and a propeller for my Encampment ribbon, in two months i get my Red Service Ribbon (2 yrs service in CAP), and i'm deciding wether or not to apply for the Community Service ribbon with propeller, which together equal 160 hrs of community service (60 for the Ribbon and 100 more for the propeller), and the Aerospace ribbon has yet to come :D . Also finally got my certificate for helping our squadron win the AE day Quiz Bowl, in May I think.
I have been awarded the Australian Active Service Medal 1975+ with East Timor Clasp and United Nations Medal East Timor.

I pick up the 15 Year Defence Force Long Service Medal and the Australian Defence Force Volunteer Medal next year.