What is your favorite pistol

Smith and Wesson .40 caliber Glock copy with matte finish stainless steel slide and barrel. Only 22 moving parts, very little to go wrong. I put over 3000 rounds through it and never had a single jam and it was extremely accurate. 145 grain hydro-shocks and frangible sub-sonic rounds for home defense. Deadly wound channel but won't penetrate a 1/4 inch gypsum board.
My favourite weopen is the Glock 26 compact with waist holster and also i love the Glock 17c With the extended magazine and chest hoslter
My Favorite

My favorite is the Glock 23 and the Springfield XD 40 I have both. I also have the Smith and Wesson Sigma .40 Calibur no comparison to the other two.