What is your favorite pistol


well, down south an American kid would probably have a favorit weapon....But its offtopic.
ItalianGuy4US said:
Serbian Kid Marksman has a favorite pistol. And he's 14. An American kid that age would never have his own favorite weapon I guess.

Why not? What's your point, ItalianGuy? Everybody stay on-topic (that question doesn't require an answer ;) ).
Well it is a litle bit wierd but hey,i saw weapons and weapons so i took one for my favorite :lol:
1. Glock Model 21 (in .45 cal ACP) as the sucessor to the M1911A1 (a truely great pistol). I had a great time firing one that belonged to a guy I met at a pistol range. He fired my 92SB for a bit and I fired his Model 21 and we both left happy. 8)

2. M1911A1 - tough, durable and very acccurate when not abused, as most service weapons were unfortunately.

3. CZ75 in 9mm. Really a modified HP35, which uses and improved version of the swinging link found on the M1911A1 (makes sense, John Browning desinged both of them). Very accurate and fun to shoot. 8)

4. Berreta 92SB or 92F AKA the M9. Not the best service weapon in the world, but pretty good and it will get the job done if handled right.
Three handguns of my choice:
1)Stechkin APS - Nice handgun, reliable. Favorite weapon of Spetznaz and
SOBR. Can fire automated).

Stechkin APS
Type Double action, select-fire
Caliber 9x18 mm PM
Overall length 225 mm
Weight: 1020 g with empty magazine; 1220 g loaded with 20 rounds
Barrel length 140 mm
Magazine capacity 20 rounds
Rate of fire 600 rounds per minute

2)Jericho(.45 ACP version) - Accurate, fairly powerful. The gun i want when ill be in IDF.

Jericho 941
Type: Double Action
Chamber:9mm Para, .40S&W, .45ACP, .41AE (discontinued)
Weight unloaded: 920g (941FS)
Length: 192mm
Barrel length: 96mm
Capacity: 16 (9mm), 12 (.40), 10 (.45) rounds

3)GSh-18 - Great new gun, has really nice armor piercing ammunition.

Type: Double Action Only
Chamber: 9x19mm Luger / Parabellum (also 9x19mm +P+)
Weight with empty magazine: 580 g
Length: 183 mm
Barrel length: 103 mm
Capacity: 18 rounds

All data was taken from http://world.guns.ru
I've only used the Beretta M9, and that was in marksmanship trials, so I'd have to say that the M9 was the best pistol i've ever used. Nice balance, and once you practice a bit, good accuracy.
1217 said:
Ok, I'll post my list:

1) Glock 17
2) Sig P226 / P228
3) Heckler & Koch P8
4) Beretta 92 series
And for a bigger caliber: Desert Eagle .44 Magnum
*looks at avatar* Oops, I think I forgot one.....
Came across someone who had this exact same model on the range the other day, and I loved it. It's the Springfield Armory TRP-Pro 1911-A1. (.45 ACP) To bad it costs $ 2395.00 :( That'll take me a while to save up... ;)
fav pistol

any of the british tranter revolvers, very realiable.
for fun though it would have to be a single shot vary flare pistol converted to 12gauge with an insert, not real acurate but good to play with :)
Of the handguns I have fired the one I could practically target anything I wanted with my eyes closed and it go there was the H&K USP .40 . It's just butter smooth. I also like it's big brother the Mark 23 SOCOM but it's just a bit bulky. I prefer the USP in the .40 as teh lesser recoil allows you to double tap with ease.

That said I have to just fire a friends, I just can't get the budget to buy my own yet, I'm probably going to get the Sig Pro instead until I can get a really good deal on teh USP tactical. H&K is just as good as it gets to me......

I love the kimber series of 1911's to.....if only my bank account matched my tastes....=)
I have a relatively long list... Keep in mind that price is not a factor, these are just my favorites in alphabetical order:

FN Five-seveN Tactical (5.7x28mm; Belgium)
Glock-20 (10mm Auto; Austria)
HK P46 (4.6x30mm; Germany)
HK USP45 Tactical (.45ACP; Germany)
IzhMash PYa (9x19mm Para; Russia)
Para Ordnance P14-45 (.45ACP; Canada)
Steyr M-1A (.40 S&W; Austria)
Zastava CZ-999 (9x19mm Para; Serbia)

I'd have to say the top two are definitely the USP45 Tactical and the Glock-20.
I go with you...

FN Tactical in 5,7x28mm is my favorite.
in 9x19mm in my opinion HK USP Expert is the best choice.
Also the HK P46 (UCP) in 4,6x30mm is a great pistol...