What is your favorite pistol

My favorite pistol is Luger.
Combat: 1911 in .45 ACP (I prefer the Griffon made in South Africa)
Defense: CZ100 (or 1000 here in the USA) in .40
Fun: CZ52 in 7.62 Tokarev
Beretta 92FS (9X19mm) USA
Pistole M Makarov (9X18mm) East Germany
Walther P1/P38 (9X19mm) West Germany
Glock 17 (9X19mm) Austria
Glock 19 (9X19mm) Austria
Glock 21 (.45 ACP) Austria
Glock 22 (.40 S&W) Austria
Glock 23 (.40 S&W) Austria
Glock 36 (.45 ACP) Austria
Kel-Tec P32 (.32 Auto) Great State of Florida, USA!
Springfield Armory 1911-A1 Mil-Spec. (.45 ACP) USA
Smith & Wesson Model 25 (.45 Colt) USA
Ruger Vaquero (.45 Colt)
Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 97S Pistol (5.56X45mm) USA

Yes, the Makarov is, but the Pistole M is East German. It's a East German Copy, but it's made in East Germany and that's what they call it. Also it's the best out of the Makarovs.
So the East German Copy is better than the Russian original? Those Germans are great gunsmiths...

Good to know thanks. :)
The main reason why the east German Makrovs are better is the tooling that they used. They're made on WWII Walther Tooling. The pistol is built to tighter tolerances. Less play between the parts. The Soviet produced one are alright too. But the ones that you don't want are the Chicom made makarovs. Those are horrible. Both the military contract and the Norinco made ones.

Here's a list from good to bad.

1) East German - Great :D
2) Soviet Military - Good :)
3) Bulgarian Military - Fair :|
4) Russian Civilian - CRAP! :x
5) Chinese - WORTHLESS CRAP! :evil:
Re: Hk

Mauser C96, it doesnt have a detachable mag and you have to reload it with a clip. But the gun is sure powerful.
THe Spanish and Chinese made the C/96 Mauser. The Spanish made them full auto in 9X19mm Parabellum or 9X21mm Largo. They had a twenty round detachable magazine. And the Chinese made them in the wonderful manstoper. .45 ACP.

THe oririnal C/96 Mausers were chambers in 7.63 Mauser. Which is also the same measurement as 7.62X25mm Tokarev. It's just that the Tokarev round is loaded with more powder. So I don't recommend firing 7.62X25mm Tokarev in a C/96 Mauser.