what is ur favorite rank

My favorite rank would have to be CSM. I wanna be a high rank while being an officer.

My least favorite would be PVT and lower.

the_13th_redneck said:
Helps when picking up chicks. lol

beardo said:
Captain or Sergeant...they sound the coolest 8)

those chicks tend to be called "tag chasers" lol

A junior rate is cool................don't have to act any sort of way you get the most leighway.............ok the crappy jobs but with the right people its a laugh and damn it......................ain't no one throwing a good party like the hard workers!!!!!!!!
An RSM (being THE badasss of the army)
I mean the army WAITS for you,
colour sargent: "we sorta need to move ou-"

RSM: "we aint going no where, i aint finished my smoke"

colour sargent: "bu-"


colour sargent: "nothing RSM!"
favorite: sgt maj of the Marine Corps
least:cadet pvt, cant get any lower than that, except maybe a civilian
rotc boy you're wrong again. Civilians outrank us all. It is we who serve _them_. When Eisenhower left the Presidency a reporter asked him how it felt to be a citizen and no longer either General of the Army or President. Ike said "Thanks for the promotion".
why cant i ever be right :(
anyway, its not like they are the ones ordering what the military does, they're just protecting them
"Anyway, its not like they are the ones ordering what the military does"

Tell that to President Bush. Civilians elected him. He's telling the military what to do. So yes, civilians are telling the military what they want done.