what is ur favorite rank

the best rank is the one a person is about to be promoted to. i heard an e-1 happier than ever, saying "Man, i can't wait until i get my mosquito wings!"
NCM Rank: (Canadian) Army/Air Force: Chief Warrant Officer, Navy: Chief Petty Officer 1st Class. You are respected and feared from the Private(Recruit)/Ordinary Seaman to the General/Admiral.

Officer Rank: Admiral. It just sounds so much more dignified than any other rank in the Canadian Forces.
Redneck said:
:lol: We had a prior-service cadet (now Lieutenant) who had been a Specialist, and he always talked about that being the best rank in the Army, because you weren't high enough to have too much responsibility but you were high enough to not have to do any of the crap jobs the Privates have to do. :lol:

One of my DSs told us that in basic :lol:
Buck Sergeant would be my choice. Agewise, your still basically lower enlisteds peers. Yet the burden is on your shoulders. You know what the guys like and dislike and also know them and how to work them without having to be overbearing and still maintain the bearing.