what is ur favorite rank

sorry, but all the officers positions don't attract me. i have to agree with someone earlier on the thread who said that Capt. is the best rank for the posted reasons. but my favourite rank would have to be a Sgt.Maj. In the UK army, the Sgt.Maj. 's are one of the most respected ranks in the army. Sgt.Maj.'s are usually like Gun.Sgt.Hartman (FMJ) and are VERY tough/experienced.
SilverPhoenix said:
2nd lieutanant here as well.

You people are insane. :?

:lol: I know more than one Soldier who turned down OCS just so that they would never have to be a Butter Bar.
And here I'll be graduating from the Butter Bar Factory....oops, I mean ROTC...

Sergeant Major Of the Army

EDIT: hey i thought it was the favorite well that was my favorite and my least favorite is Private
O, least favorite...i didn't see that...hmm well, i would have to go with cadet, or private recruit, or E-1, same thing basically
My favorite rank would be 2Lt, or any other rank, as long as it's an officer. Worst rank, private, or ordinary seaman.
It would have to be Warrant Officer 1st Class in the British Army, i.e. the Regimental Sergeant Major. (The rank is WO1, the job is RSM).

Providing helpful improvement suggestions to the idle and untidy. Offering encouragement to those whose physical fitness could be better. Explaining the importance of maintaining weapons and equipment. Asking the big questions in life, "Who do you think you are?", "Where do you think you are going?".

And of course, being everyone's friend. Which they are, in fact - albeit a very noisy friend, who it is certainly wise to call "Sir".
I think I will say Master Sergeant / WO2.

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United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant!!!!!