West Point vs. Annapolis

Which one Army or Marines?

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I am applying to the naval acadmey next year. I have wanted to be in the armed forces since birth probably and the Marines since about 10. I just hope that i can get my GPA up to par. I am hoping that the 4 honor classes that im taking next year will show that im not quite as stupid as my mediocre GPA shows.
I need work on some physical aspects like upper body strength but soccer and track should help in the running part :wink: . I just took some army nat'l guard fitness thing last semester ~ mile = 5:30 pushups = 72 and situps = 62. I have NO IDEA what the requirements are or any thing so if you have any info on what numbers i need to improve to plz TELL ME. ANY INFO AT ALL THAT IS MORE RECENT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED:pirate:
JaegerWolf08 said:
West Point and Annapolis are both awesome schools, but there is one distinct difference between them, besides the different services. Their Honor system is what makes West Point vastly superior to USNA. Our honor system is not as flexible as USNA's is. If you ever come to West Point you will not see a lock on anyone's wall locker, the only thing that is locked up are the M14s. At Navy, they have locks on their wall lockers, I guess that there is a need for it.

The other big difference is the different services. The Army is a leadership based organization, unlike the Navy in other words our mission is not designed around the vehicles we operate. If you take the boats away from the Navy, there is no Navy. If you take Tanks or Humvees away from the Army, you still have a viable land fighting force. It just takes longer to get anywhere. Everything in the Army is designed to support the joe on the ground. That is one of the reasons I like the Army.

I think your opinion might be a little biased, but then anyone that has an affiliation with one of the military schools would carry that bias.

The education value of all three of the military schools is above most any civilian university. The choice of Army/Navy/AF is a personal one. Me? I'm a retired sailor and have worked with many graduates from the USNA. In years past they were "know it all's" but were good officers. The recent years the officers are just as good and are better grounded in person to person relationships. They don't come off as the "know it all's" did in my youth.

If I were choosing one of the military schools for my sons it would be the USNA with no question. I grew up near Ft. Leavenworth and developed a very bad attitude towards the Army personnel, officers and enlisted. There was just something that rubbed me the wrong way.

Richard Nixon invited me personally to participate in the military, I chose 6 years in the Navy over 2 in the Army. I ended up retiring after 28 1/2 years.

The comment about the Navy being nothing without our ships was an absurd comment, no offense intended, but absurd is the best way to describe it. You might not know much about the Navy programs if you honestly believe that. The Navy might be made up of seagoing vessels as their mainstay, but the Army is made up of your basic ground pounders. Every soldiers secondary MOS is grunt! (does that sound right?)

In actuality all services have their place, no one above the other. My personal belief is that the Marines have the hardest and dirtiest jobs around, then Army then Navy. We might be able to do without the Army, the Marines are always there, but the Navy is the way we transport most of the big guns and equipment around the world (a little bias goes a long way here!!).
Pogue, you were accepted to annapolis, can you list some of the main point of your resume, like gpa, activities, sat scores, Thanks:m1: