West Point vs. Annapolis

Which one Army or Marines?

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This is my first time on this forum and I really want to complement the creator. Ok, basically I'm a 10th grader in High School and have wanted to join the military since God knows when. However recently I decided that my one goal now is to work for the acceptence into the USMA or the Naval Academy. I have received straight A's in honors classes in 9th and so far in 10th grade. But what concerns me is the atheletics portion of the application. I am confident I can meet all the requirements by the time the PAE comes around, but I just want some insight by any west point or naval academy alumni if any are here. I wanna know the best way to whip my body into great shape, I am already in ok shape with minor weight lifting and a season of cross country. Also what extra curriculars do they look at. Currently I am in Math club, academic challenge, computer science, and Model UN. If not, I would love to have some Marines (thats what branch I'd choose at the naval academy) and some Army guys to convince me which I should try harder for. However currently since the Naval Academy has no early admission program I am leaning to West Point. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. If I dont get into either my heart would be broken, but I guess there is always ROTC and A&M
i'm not an alumni, but i can offer some help on the PT part. i'm working my ass off to get into VMI (#1 choice) or USNA. however, i'm in njrotc right now and my snsi is an alumni of USNA, and my nsi is a retired marine. run run run. work on push ups and situps. you'll have to do those at any military academy or in any rotc program. weights make you stronger, but there is nothing like pushups to turn you into a beast. leg lifts make you faster and your abs stronger so you benefit in all three. if you work on all three at least every other day (i do it everyday), you'll be amazed at how strong you get. might wanna work on those good ole push ups, b/c if we both get into USNA, you don't want this chick to show you up there or in the Marine Corps. :wink:
semper fidelis :)
like USMCdevilpup said, there's nothing like doing the exercises themselves to improve on them. That means running, sit-ups, and push-ups for the Army, and add pull-ups for the Marines.
To train for the APFT, the two minute drill is always good (do two minutes of push-ups and two of sit-ups as hard as possible). Like your CC coach has probably told you, you need to train for the distance you plan to run, which for the APFT is a two-miler. Big thing for scoring well is endurance, because you will do all three events back to back, and you can't have your body give out on you half way through.

By the way, have you gotten started on getting your nomination yet?
Hi JediDurron, Welcome to the forum.

Since I'm not from the US myself, I'm not going to recommend anything..

But as many others have pointed out here; if you are going to be good at push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups, it's best to do just that, and don't waste too much time on weight training.
One other tip is to also train your back.
Without a strong back, these exercises will be much harder, and you can actually injure it too.
This is a mistake that many do.

Good luck with your training.
I go to the Navy Summer Football Conditioning Camp every year so I can tell you what Coach Johnson has done here is amazing. That being said Ive been to both campus' and found the atmosphere the same, but I think it really depends on what you want to do in the military. If you like the water and the medium towns, come on down here to Annapolis. :D
for those of you familiar with annapolis, i have a question. i'm applying for a nomination there this next year, but i've never visited the place or had any contact with any of the females there. i want to know if females are treated the same. do they PT as hard as their male counterparts, etc. call me crazy, but i don't like to be treated any differently b/c i wear a bra and have to buy tampons-that's my biggest pet peeve. please be honest with me. :D
Ive been around some of the Pleps during July when they first come in, and Ill tell you everyone gets treated like the same peice of crap. You got nothing to worry about :D

Dont know...israel dosent have a military academt...officers are promoted from the ranks...so, our Lut. were Sargent Majors before.....
Anyone want to throw out some numbers for the 1, 1.5, 2 mile and number of sit ups/push ups? Any help at all is apprectiated....this is the goal of my life.
You need under 13 minutes to max the run on the APFT (2 mile) assuming you're under 21, 72 or more push-ups in 2 minutes and I believe it is either 78 or 82 to max the sit-ups (not sure on this one, will confirm when I haven't had so much fun, hooah).
getting in

I'm applying for annapolis. They make you remember a whole bunch of things. Such as 3 news articles and breakfast, lunch, and dinner for that day. This will help when you have to remember procedures in manual books. This will also help in remembering intel, amounts and names of people or objects.
West Point and Annapolis are both awesome schools, but there is one distinct difference between them, besides the different services. Their Honor system is what makes West Point vastly superior to USNA. Our honor system is not as flexible as USNA's is. If you ever come to West Point you will not see a lock on anyone's wall locker, the only thing that is locked up are the M14s. At Navy, they have locks on their wall lockers, I guess that there is a need for it.

The other big difference is the different services. The Army is a leadership based organization, unlike the Navy in other words our mission is not designed around the vehicles we operate. If you take the boats away from the Navy, there is no Navy. If you take Tanks or Humvees away from the Army, you still have a viable land fighting force. It just takes longer to get anywhere. Everything in the Army is designed to support the joe on the ground. That is one of the reasons I like the Army.
Listen dude you're so lucky you are smart and can get into thoes schools im dyslexic and they probably wont let me in the Air Force Academy but you keep it up... oh yeah GO NAVY BEAT ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!
I've heard that you can't choose to be commisioned as Marine Officer, but somewhere higher up in command they can, if they want you, allow you to have that option. That would be the only reason why I woudn't go there and maybe my grades, but those I think are fine.
Heck I used to stand gates at the Naval Academy. I saw both groups being treated pretty much the same way.

The worst happens inside those dormitories

We used to go inside those rooms just to watch these poor people
recite hours and hours of information