The New PIC-QUIZ! Firearm and Vehicle Identifications!

Looks like a Cobra of some sorts, but a funny one :?

EDIT: Doesn't look that funny. Its defintely an AH-1 Cobra (Bell Model 209 Hueycobra) but I can't tell the variant :?

yes he dose.almost has me wondering...can he track my viewed pages in some sort.... ;)

oh, its the T55 enigma...

Yes, it is. Well, Diplomatic Means left us. And left me his MBs.
Therefore, Im doing somthing a bit special:an Israeli Quiz:
Each question will have MB award according to it's diffeculty:

Level 1(1 Mbs per Q):
1.Who was the first president of Israel?
2.What dose IDF stand for?
3.Who was the Israeli chief of the general staff during the 1967 Six Days War?
4.When did the Israeli war of independece end?
5.What is a Kibbutz?
6.Who was the desighner of the UZI smg?
7.What arab-israeli war started on the most holyday in the jewish calander?
8.What is the name of the Israeli made MBT?
9.Who were Israels allies in the 1956 Sinai War?
10.What is the name of the Israeli intelligence agency?

level 2(5 Mbs per Q)
11.What was the Hagana?
12.What was the IAFs first real fighter?
13.Who is Mordechai Vanunu?
14.Who is the pilot with the most kills in the IAF?
15.What was the first fighter plane to be sold by france to Israel?

Bonus Qs(25 per Q)
16.What is the 77th Armoured Bettalion(7th Brigade) famous for?
17.What was the prior name of the city of Eilat?
18.What was the 1968-1970 War of Atrition also known as?
19.What dose the abrivation PALMACH stand for?

Absolutly no chance!!!(100 Mbs per Q!)
20.What is the Ayalon?
1. Chaim Weizmann
2. Israeli Defence Force
3. Moshe Dayan?
4. 29th of December, 1948, at least the cease fire was initiated then.
5. Farm complex is it not?
6. Usiel Gal
7. Yom Kippur
8. Merkava
9. France and the UK
10. Mossad
11. The israel militia
12. Avia S.99(Czech copy of the Bf-109G-10)
13. The guy who blew the wistle on Israels nuclear program
14. Giora Aven
15. M.D.450 Ouragan. Was ment to be the Mystère IIC though.
16. Saving Israel basically in the 1973 war. Held the line in the Golan.
17. Jaffa?
18. -
19. -
20. -