The New PIC-QUIZ! Firearm and Vehicle Identifications!

And the first person to identify ALL of the equipment in that background is......................................
Hmmm.... let's see now:

1. XA-202?
2. Mauser MP-45
4. Spitfire
5. Walther TPH
7. Stridsvagen 103B
8. Dassault Mirage 2000
9. Sig Sauer P226
11. Yokosuka MXY7 "Ohka"
12. Steyr Aug
13. Cobra
14. Patriot?
15. Leopard 2
16. U.S. Army M-60
17. BMD 3
18. Dassault Mirage F1
19. Tu-95 "Bear"

Those few I don't know but I'll try to find out! :m1:
Question- Every link I click has the same picture except for the backround. All the others are exactly the same. Anyone know what could be wrong?
Nothing is wrong. It is the same page, there is only one. Each time a new round starts, the picture is replaced with a new one. Sherman just puts the link every time for convenience.

the picture is an M551A1 Sheridan light airborne tank, armed with a 152 mm gun tuge that can fire shells or launch missiles and a small upper "turretette" with a 50 caliber machine gun for AP use
The pic shows a

a) Sikorsky S-65 (or CH-53 if it's from the USMC)
b) it's a twin-jet cargo-helicopter
c) and it's originally built in the USA