The New PIC-QUIZ! Firearm and Vehicle Identifications!

Not until the quizmaster changes it. There is only one page, and the link is given every time for the sake of convience.
One of yours again Sherman.. :D

I believe it's an IMI Tavor TAR-21 assault rifle (basic version)..

You'r unbelievable!!!Dude, I just cant say enough...Absolutly briliant. I am soundly beaten...there is nothing reasonable to throw at you...I could find some junk i never heard of, but whats the point....I mean, absolutly briliant! Total domination, just uncanny....Are you sure you dont work for Janes?! Dang...Not a single miss!!!
The Harrier

The plane "flown" by shwartznager(there is no way thats spelld right) in "True Lies" is the AV8B Harrier. The plane in the picture is a
Dassault-Breguet Super-Etendard. This is a french carrier based attack plane, which became famous when it was used by Argentine in the Falklands War(1982). Used with the exellent french made Exocet Air-to-Surface missile, the Argentinian Etendards and other planes(mainly French and Israeli made Mirage 5/Dagger) managed to sink a few UK ships. Obvcours it did not help them much, caus they were no match for the British...[/i]
Correct! That one took you a bit, didn't it? :lol:

Wait till you see the next one we got for you.
Might give someone else enough time to figure it out :lol: .
When did that happen? What's with these "time zones?" :lol:

Sherman will probably be posting our most recent one for your viewing pleasure. Notice I said "viewing," because you ain't getting this one.