Should Women Be In The Military?

Should Women Be In The Military?

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Sorry to hear that SilverPhoenix... :?

But I think this discussion is heading in the wrong direction now.
I don't think most of us are against women in the military because of you (women), but it's because of our nature..

It's based on facts from the Israeli army, where they concluded that the men stopped to fight when a women got injured or killed.
As I have said before, this is a very hard question to answer, and I'm still not sure what my answer is.
I have worked with several women (both in Norway and abroad) who was just as good, or better leaders than most of them men I have worked with..

Don't take this discussion personally SilverPhoenix...
It's not you that's weak, it's us..... :cry:
I know Redneck, and I can get a little personal about these things..

And I know you guys better then you think, and I NEVER ever think that you woul out me down in any way. You guys are to good to do that and you are men that have really good points in the discussions.

And I agree with you, seriously, I do..

But, we still are not in the past anymore.. We live in the soon to be 2004.. And the funny thing is..

Sweden have advnced forward in this matter.. Therefor we have the best military trianing forwomen.. We have even special training for women..

But, not to be cruel, but US isn't making any progress..

How come Swedish Militray men can work with a woman in battle, and not the US ones?

My point is that we (the U.S.) does not need to make "progress" in this area, I truly believe that females do not belong in the field. I DO however think that females have a place in the military, and that they are an incredible asset.
Yeah, That's too bad, because Us is what I want to work with..

But if I can't do progress? What is the meaning then?

I don't wanna be some.. "thing".. A "asset"..

I will probalby be stuck with Sweden as the only training course..

Though.. IF US and Sweden would get into a.. war?..

Wich will problaby not happen at all..

But IF.. Then I will make no attempt stoppping US.. :roll:
Well that's always a good thing I guess :lol: .

An "asset" is not a derogatory term, I'm an asset in the U.S. Army (non-deployable right now, but still...), and Redleg is an asset in the Norwegian Army.
Yeah yeah.. :p Dont brag, Cowboy..

Anyways.. Depends on what happens though..

The first country I would help would be US in ANY matter.. :D

Next would be Sweden.. :)

And , Err, Last would be.. ... ... Russia?.. Naw, Don't think so.. :lol:
Haha, well I have to say it's like I've said before, you can only be loyal to one, "No man can serve two masters..." (Mt. 6:24).
:wink: :lol:
Yeah, and the one who is my master is US..

They can use me forever what purpose that would be good for their country..

US is where my loyality is..
I understand your concerns SilverPhoenix and I would agree to women in the field if all of them came across as gung ho as you. But if they did that I would say the only sfe conditions to have women in the field would be to have them put in their own separate battalion or whatever and fight missions very separate from the men so they wouldn't be around each other. But that I'm 100% sure will never happen. But if it did I would be behind it then. All I can say for the now is that Patton would never have women in the field in his army and I think he'd roll in his grave if they did. I trust Patton's judgment before any others.
I know what you mean Diplomatic_Means..

But I would have a headache just looking at those women.. :lol:
Yeah, You are right about no one is made for it.

Damn, this will be hard to explain.

But there is those who have always wanted to work in the military.

Such as I have wanted, and a few other tomboys I know of.

And when you have always wanted to work for the military then you should at least go for it.

Not that I have that movie passion about the army.

I dont think it will be glorious and so on at all.

and I don't expect anything out from the military.

I do what I can do, and do it with all I can.

And I won't either give up the dream to work or at least be a soldier in the swedish army.

Damn this will be hard to explain, but I will say this straigth out without trying to think before I type it down.

I love to be iin service and stay weeks in the woods. I love the thing to do a danm hard job and work with all you got.

I ain't a girl who sits and whine about getting dirt under the nails.

I want to be one of those soldiers who have to lay down in the woods waiting for hours when it's raining.

And I aint on of those who wan'ts to run out in war to fight, because that is the last thing everyone needs.

I will shoot if I would be in a situation where I have to shoot.

I won't ever aim at a target without a damn good reason.

I love the way military works, and Sweden has a really good defence system, though we don't stand a chance against bigger armies.

Anyways, I wan't to at least do something.

If that times comes where Sweden would have to go into war, I refuse to sit and watch and flee for my life.

I couldn't live with the thought that I fled when the Swedish people needed me, and to not forget my own country.

To flee from that is no honour at all, it's no self honour and that is a disgrace for Sweden though they don't see it as that I see it as that.

There are thousands of families and kids.. Who shouldn't have to wtach a war.

I do these for the kids especially, because they are our future, and they are those who get wounded both mentally and physically in wars.

I wan't to protect those kids as I am one of those who problaby can't have kids as far as I know.

And I am born in Sweden and of Sweden, And that means that every citizen of Sweden.. is a part of me.

and I will maybe die if a war would come, but damn, I would die with honour, to know that I at least did do everything I could to defend a part of me.

And maybe I die, but the people who remember me I will live inside of.

And I don't care of the immigrants either, because they have have been through war, mostly everyone, and Sweden helps them more then I know that any country helps them.

Its my duty to serve Sweden, and it's my duty to help and protect those who live in Sweden.

I would hate to go into war, but I would do anything to make sure I would in some way keep Sweden safe.

I fear war, but I don't fear to die.

Because I have been in situations where I have faced death so many times to keep fearing him. I repsect death and do not wish o die.

But everyones time comes somewhere in the life.

And I will damn right die with the pride and honour to have served the Swedish army and the Swedish People.

And that in my thought, makes a good soldier..

Maybe you guys don't agree with me.

But that's how I would see a good soldier.

I will end the post here, because this post is a über-post..

I hope you know understand what I meant..

WOW!! That was some amazing stuff. I wish you would hurry up and get over to America so you can say that about our country. I hope you get everything out of military life you wish for. Redleg you should quote some of that.
Hey man, it couldn't be that good.. :?

I just said it how I felt it..

I thought you guys would practilly laugh at me when I wrote that..

Well, that is why I wanna be in the military, and I damn right will be in the military one day..
I think women should be allowed to be in the military and in combat situation as well. Provided that they pass all tests that men have to do, they should be in the military on equal terms and have to endure the same trials.
I think women should be allowed to be in the military and in combat situation as well. Provided that they pass all tests that men have to do, they should be in the military on equal terms and have to endure the same trials.

Unfortunatly in the US theres such a push for "equal oppurtunity" that any variations in training under combat situations may in our "politically correct" society be seen as unfair treatment. What Im trying to say is that the US Military has the right to throw random people into random situations for combat training, and many womens groups in this country may wrongly interprite that as a degree of sexism.
Many guys says a girl is more weaker in building muscles then men, If you know what I mean. I think I will prove them wrong.

I have started to work out and I am sure that I will beat my b/f in lifting weights.

If I can pull 15 Kg down it shouldn't be as hard to pull 5 up after a while, or am I wrong? :wink:
I'm thinkin you need to learn some more about weight lifting, SilverPhoenix. I'm sure you will if you keep up with it, you should work out with someone who is experienced so they can teach you how to balance your workouts and not injure yourself, which is pretty easy to do. Last year I tore my right rhomboid lifting and couldn't even get out of bed the next day and was in a pretty good amount of pain for the next month, so watch yourself. Don't jump right in at the start and try to impress anyone, ok?

Good luck with proving us wrong, but don't hurt yourself :wink: .
Ok are you sure you meant 15 kg? In bench press, arm curls or what? That's only like 33 lbs. Not much. My high school's weight lifting record on the bench press was 300+ lbs which would be 136+ kg. You might have some trouble compteting with guys like that. Not to deter you, but have fun anyways.