Should Women Be In The Military?

Should Women Be In The Military?

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I've done that, the jumping jacks work a little, not fast enough. Its very macho because that will make ya hard corps in a jippy.
Oh it was meant as a comment to LeEnfield who suggested bathing in the river under cover by your mates.

Being "in the bush" during winter conditions without access to hot showers up here usually means we're stuck in a small tent out in some forest, and if the scenario is considered "hot" enough we could be at "black" stage wich means no lights, no fire, and no means of melting snow or ice other than body heat...
And that would mainly be for drinking purpose.

Keeping a low IR profile is difficult during any conditions, more so during winter.
Moving around in the snow in order to reach a river og lake would mean that you leave tracks in the snow, that's a give away.
Cutting a hole in the ice, if possible, is another give away..

So the alternatives is either to stink, or risk a serious barking from the brass, or in extreme cases have incoming ordnance raining down on the position.

No wonder our guys volunteer for service in Afghanistan. :)
Not to mention easier to be seen at night just under moonlight if their is a ton of snow on the deck. Stick out like a sore thumb.