You know you are in the US Army when...

1. You walk across streets to avoid saluting officers.
2. On more than one occaison you have shifted your burden to both hands to avoid saluting.
3. You pretend that everyone is an E4 when in the PT uniform.
4. You know EXACTLY how far six paces is.
5. You have been chewed out for not saluting officers in the field on more than one occaision. (PFC I don't care if we are in the field in a tactical enviorment. I am the goddamn BN commander and you will salute me. Even if someone salutiing me in combat could get me a bulllet to the face.)

Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on officers since I am trying to be one.
JaegerWolf08 I am dying from laughter here I can truly say I have done all of those. ok guys correct me if I am wrong but the salute with the palm outward is to signify that at some point they countries armies have been conquered or is it a throwback to the knights and helmets days.