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How do other countries salute?

American-palm level, angled slighty downward, middle finger at tip of eyebrow, sharp and crisp.
I have heard that the french salute with the back of their hand to their forhead and their hand facing upwards... is this true
Well, the British do it similar to Americans, but with their palm outwards... well they did, I don't know if they still do.
At Ft. Knox there was this I believe Sudanese kid in my company (he had the tribal scars on his forehead and everything), and when the DSs were teaching us how to salute, one of them asked if anyone knew how to do it, and this kid jumped up and rendered the most gosh awful salute I've ever seen in my life (at least by American standards):

-palm outward, index finger on right corner right eyebrow
-feet at about a 60 degree angle and knees slightly cocked out
-back slightly bowed

Drill Sergeant B***** looked like he was about to mess himself, he was actually speechless for a good five seconds. :lol:

So I don't know if that is a Sudanese thing or just a goof up, but he sure seemed to think he knew what he was doing.
The Iraqis used to salute with the palm out, I'm not sure quite what they do now exactly. I can't find a picture after searching through 11 pages of google, but I know there were videos of him in a meeting with his army advisors that showed his weird salute.

And in the British Navy, at least, the swabbies used to salute with their palms facing back, to hide all of the grime that was on them.
silent driller said:
Are we speaking strictly military salutes? The BSA does that funny 2 finger salute.

Actually it’s a weird three-finger thing for the BSA (Boy Scouts of America). Cub scouts do the two finger thing.

USAF: Lower arm parallel with the ground, arm bent at 45 degree angle, palm facing down, finger tips positioned to just below but not touching the brim of the hat.

Here boy scouts salute the same way,that salute represents the leaf from the world organisation of boy scouts badge
Marksman said:
Here boy scouts salute the same way,that salute represents the leaf from the world organisation of boy scouts badge
Here the boy scouts salute with 3 fingers too, covering the nail of the fourth finger with the thumb, meaning that the bigger (stronger) protect the smaller (weaker). Don't know if it's the same salute though.
Turkish AF

Upper arm parallel to the ground and palm of hand facing the ground. Index finger touching the right shade of the hat or cap w/ lower arm forming a 45 degree angle w/ the upper arm (naturally). The whole arm will not move a micron.
No salute w/o hat/cap. No salute in buildings. Just standing at full ten-hut.
AF Saluting while deployed- Head down, looking every other direction than where the officer/ enlisted member is so as to not make eye contact and to avoid saluting. This goes for officers and enlisted. :D
right hand, shoulder to elbow paralel to ground, palm facing front, middle finger at the edge of Kepi/beret/hat/helmet...hand has to be raised from the side in a sort of rotary movement until elbow flexes and hand falls down twrd head, middle finger to edge of hat in a sharp motion. salute ends in reverse motion and palm of hand slams noisily the side of the body.