I think it's kind of like an apprenticeship. I think I have to go to Ontario my first summer but I'm not really sure. I guess I'll probably be dealing a lot with supply since I'm Logistics.

So how was your weekend?
It was pretty decent, I had a lot of fun, it's just nice that the jail has internet access or I'd be bored stiff right now.

:lol: Just kidding.

So how was Montreal?
Didn't end up going :( I guess I kind of decided studying for my math mid-term was more important ( but definitely not more fun :? ) Anyways, my weekend wasn't very eventful, a couple of my friends here went looking for some big haunted house set-up but we couldn't find it. Oh well. I miss the days of trick-or-treating :D Last year my bf and I went out and he was 23 at the time :shock: but I think if you want candy that bad it's a lot easier just to go to the store and buy it the day after Halloween when it's really cheap :D
:lol: Oh really?? Sounds interesting..... :lol: Well, our Remembrance day parade is on Sunday and we're given Thursday off because of it being Remembrance day. I know you guys have Veteran's Day, but when exactly is it?
We have Veterans Day (ex-Armistice Day) on 11NOV, and we have Memorial Day on the last Monday of May, although many states have their own Memorial Day on other dates in May and April.

Are you in the parade?
Yeah, I'm in the parade. It's possible I might be an armour guard too ( one of the 4 people who has to stand completely still with the rifle for the whole ceremony). Do you have to do anything for the 11th?
I really do not know if I'm going to be doing anything for Veterans' Day this year, there are no parades around here (the only events that warrent parades are Hemp Day and any "cultural" (so long as it's not American culture) or political events).
Well, we got of a bit of a surprise tonight :shock: . This summer we're doing our Basic Officer Training Course so they decided to give us a little preview of what our Fitness class was going to be like. They gave us all medicine balls ( those 5kg soft balls) and we had to get together in partners. Then one of us had to run around the gym twice with the stupid ball while the other did some kind of exercise with their medecine ball ( push-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, etc...) then when you did 2 laps, your partner went out and did two laps while you did exercises. It was really tiring and the stupid ball was so awkward to run with. I was exhausted by the time I was finished. I'm exempted from remedial PT but I think I might volunteer for it to become in better shape :D
Got a little update for y'all, as of today I am an Active Duty Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Field Artillery.
Mmmm, butter.... :twisted:

I wonder how long it will take before the Army really realizes what they've done now.. ;) :lol:
Now you've done it, gone off the deep end and become an ossifer. Get used to the phrase "it's your fault". Whatever happens, it's always some Lt's fault ;)
Congratulations, my friend :salute2: