If I wasn't in the army I'd probably be working on a farm or ranch somewhere.

Yeah, those electric fences can be pretty painful :? Especially when it's wet outside :( Is your brother in the army?
No, he's a paramedic/firefighter, the Army and the Air Force turned him down for childhood asthma, even though he could max the APFT. :?

Electric fences are especially fun when you have no idea what they are and you swing your leg over the wire, kind of hurts certain sensitive areas. :lol:
Ouch, can't say I've done that before :? Sounds kinda painful. I know there's been lots of times where my poor dog has tried to squeeze under it without much luck :D

Wow, university is tough. I'm so bogged down with work and reading and exams. I have an exam almost every week. It's really stressful! We have 3 hours of mandatory study 3 times a week but doesn't really seem to help....I won a scholorship to come here because of my grades but I'm not feeling to smart since I got here.....
Thanks :D And Good Luck with yours too. :) I've put a lot of hours into studying for them. I've got Philosophy, Sociology, Math with Calculus, French and International Relations..... :( :coffee:
Wow, sounds fun. :lol:

The only thing I have on the schedule until Halloween now is whooping my roommate's butt in Halo. :lol:
What's Halo? Is that one of those games where you go around shooting people?

I have problems with my roomate. She can't last a week without having sex with her boyfriend....while I'm there :shock: :x :oops: Not good. We share a fairly small room so definitely not cool :?

I'm hoping to get off the campus this weekend and go out :cheers: Haven't had the chance to get out yet and I've been here 3 months :? Have a drill competition next week to get ready for too..... :drill:
OCDTSmith said:
What's Halo? Is that one of those games where you go around shooting people?

Pretty much. :lol: It's a game on the XBox.

You tried turning a hose on your roommate yet? It works pretty well with dogs, you know.
Have fun this weekend, are you doing the whole Halloween deal? I'm not really too creative like that, and everybody always figures I'm wearing a cowboy costume anyway, so I haven't bothered dressing up for it for the past few years.
So do you dress like a cowboy all the time? That's hot :D lol. (Sorry I have a thing for cowboys). I usually just throw on some of my cowgirl get-up for Halloween too. That's actually how I met my last boyfriend. He really liked how I looked in chaps and made some flirty comments and we went out for almost 2 years after that.

Well, I don't know what to do for Halloween. It's a Saturday right? Every year they usually have a party here but not this year :( I'm not creative enough to think of anything....I also learned that my uniform is not supposed to be used for a Halloween costume ( I got caught by my Master Corporal :oops: )

Well, can't say I've tried a hose on my roomate and her bf yet, but if there was one nearby I wouldn't hesitate :twisted:

So how'd your exams go??
Naw, I just wear a cowboy costume all year.


The tests went pretty well, I feel good about them. How about yours?
Halloween's Sunday night actually, good luck with finding a costume, I gave up on ever coming up with a good one. :lol:
Well, I'm hoping my exams went well, but I can never tell. I'm good at BSing my way through it though :lol: I had to write 2 pages on what socialization was :( Pretty boring stuff.

Well, doubt I'll dress up for Halloween because I have no idea what to go as. I don't have that much stuff here and with the cost of plane tickets to go home I doubt I'll be buying much of anything anytime soon. I bought my plane ticket early but there still almost wasn't room for me on the flight. I only get to go home on the 22nd :( We have to wait and see who failed their exams and have to come back early after x-mas My mind is numb from studying :? Man, I hate math....
Well good luck, I hope you did well. Looks like I'm going to be out of luck in the costume department, too.
So what are your plans for the weekend?

I guess they might be sending us out to the field tonight even though they haven't told us officially yet. I guess it's punishment. Probably because everyone's marks are so low here.
Ouch. Well have fun anyway. So what does being sent to "the field" entail for you all?

About the weekend, we have a few parties set up, nothing set in stone yet though. You make any progress with your plans yet?
Well, if we have to go out all of us do, but I don't think it's going to happen, probably just a rumour. I'm thinking about going out somewhere this weekend but I'm in a province that's mostly french :)( ) so I don't think it'd be all that fun (not that I have anything against French people). The bars here aren't all that great either and some don't even leave military people in which sucks because all my friends here are in the military. Was nice today though because we got to wear civvies to school instead of our dress uniforms :)
Wait, so you have bars that won't allow military personnel in? That's just a bit tore up, I'm surprised your government allows that. I don't know if it's actually against the law here, either, but you can bet your last dollar if someone tried it they'd have a half dozen lawsuits on their hands in a heartbeat (yeah, my country is a little sue-happy sometimes :lol: ).
Yeah, I guess sometimes military personnel have gotten in fights so there's only a bar or two that leaves us in. It doesn't really matter for me though cuz I'm a girl and they can't tell I' military, especially since I have superlong hair, it's not like I've got my head shaved like the rest of the guys :D

Might go to Montreal this weekend and 12 of us might stay in a hotel room together...should be interesting ...... :D

I was looking at some people's MOSs and I was wondering what a 19C does (Armoured Cav Officer). Can you help??
Sounds like Montreal will be a blast, have fun.

I'm not sure what you're asking about the 19C MOS, but for giggles, it turns out that I will not be one. I received my branch awhile ago and I am going to be a 13A (Field Artillery officer) and I am hoping for a Heavy FSO (Fire Support Officer) slot, in which I would be attached to an Armored company's or troop's headquarters unit and command a number of FOs (Forward Observers), and be responsible for providing supporting fires for that unit.
Wow, that sounds like a lot of responsibility. But you seem to know your stuff and what you're getting into. I don't know all that much about the field I'm going into but we have Phase Training where in the summers we go work "on the job" and then come back again in time for the school year. Should be interesting because I think the Phase Training is in a different place pretty much every summer.