Raider Girl here

thats just like me... its sucks cuz im only cadet sergeant *looks at rank, then salutes major crazycadet*

Ha, ya you better salute me! Lol, I'm actually kiddin. The only reason you would salute me is if you were my flight commander. I'm the cadet commander for my sq, which is the equiv of battalion commander. Good stuff.

Actually i'm only a c/SrA. :lol:

AIM - crazycadet142
e-mail -

you can also find this in most of our profiles
Hi. It's nice to meet y'all. :D

Feel free to AIM me any time I'm on at: therealborb
I'd love to talk to people with the same interest in the military as me.
soilder79936 said:
i would have to salute you 2 cause im barealy a sergeant

I test next to become a staff sergeant.

Grades go as follows:
Airman, Airman 1st class, senior airman, Staff Sgt, Tech Sgt, Master Sgt, Senior Master sgt, Cheif Master Sgt, and then on up to officers...

I just wanna be an NCO by the end of next month! :p
Hey, I'm 14 (bday was yesterda) still in Middle School. I'm going to join the Sea Cadets soon. I'll do JROTC or something else simillar in HS. My aim name is Koosh Pants if anyone cares.

We went window shopping today to pick it out. Its a CZ .22 bolt action rifle with a walnut stock, I don't remember the number offhand. Thanks Dad!
ok earleir in the post you guys started talking about armed Exp. well over here its armed expedition were they spin rifles and do more complicateed movements. compatred to the basis armed drill were you do columns, face mevements, and rifles movements (right/left shoulder, prot arms, etc.) and the same goes for un-armed expedition. only they march in compicated movements with out giving camands. I tried armed ex. but I hit my head twice and jammed 2 fingers. I'll stick to fireing the thing. lol