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raider girl the usmc doesnt use medics but you may find another MOS that you like....... on a different note i was stationed on oahu also at the kaneohe bay USMC base....... get bcak to you later........
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during the five mile jogg........ (Corpman this man needs more coffee).......... not coffee water...... WATER.......( if you hvent noticed i am quite crazy...... yes indeed)

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Actually FutureRANGER, I was curious as to what exactly "armed ex" meant. And you really need to work on your hick accent, that's like a drunk cajun rapper or something. ;)

Actually FutureRANGER, I was curious as to what exactly "armed ex" meant. And you really need to work on your hick accent, that's like a drunk cajun rapper or something.

lol, I used The Dialectizer. I think you've posted a link to it before Redneck. Aw come on man, don't mean to tell me you guys do'nt say "Fry mah hide!" ??
Only when I'm rapping drunk. :lol:

And any word on what the meaning of being in the "armed ex" means, Senor Translatador?
I know there are different types of drill teams. Unarmed, Armed, and Color Guard for starters. I think there are different levels of competition, regular and expert. Therefore, by means of deduction and logic (and guessing), I have determined "armed ex" would be Armed Team, Expert. :)
to raider girl

im also 15, and planning on joining the marines myself, im in the naval sea cadets, just joined actualy. im an E-2T as of recently. happy to talk to other people 8) :) :D ;)
Hey you're in the Sea Cadets?? I got this Navy recruitment package the other day saying I might be interested in that program. I'm thinking of joining. Can you give me the skinny on it? Cause I know all those brochures don't give both sides of the story.

I love JROTC its fun... our armed ex is great... i have a pic, but i cant find a good place to host my pictures... i do armed and color guard often, its so much fun, its gotten pretty easy... i wanna be on the kings guard, they are like a flawless armed ex team.... they are great.

I love the raider team, its so so so much fun, im the only girl in that team, its like a JROTC 'Ranger'... so much fun, a great challenge, i never knew 9 miles could be so easy.. well g2g now... yall PM me kayz.... luv yall:eek:

Raider Girl :shock: :shock:
hey raider girl, whats it like living in Hawiie(cant spell!@#$%^&**)I mean ilive in texas and it gets pretty hot here but ive heard that hawaii has alot of humidity, beeing subtropical and all that good stufff
another 15 yr old eh

ya i am 15 as well aboutface...... i was a marines son and am planning on going to the naval academy and then become a marine corps officer..... my family has a lot of military history back to the middle ages and it is almost tradtion to join..... unfortunally there is not an ROTC at my school but i do things on my own........ i have a friend whos dad is ex recon and he taught me some hand to hand tecniques and also read a lot about warfare of the 21st century...... if you ae interested here is one of the books names...... HOW TO MAKE WAR.... if you want to chat my AIM is jacobnive22

ya i have AIM my screen name is jacobnive22 i am east coast though so we have a small window of chat opportunity..... but if i see you on there i will give ya a holler
Raider Girl said:
kool... thanks for the info... people have been telling me all kinda of things that confuse me :?

I've been through the same thing. I eventually decided that if it was confusing me to decide what branch I want to join, I better not join at all. I will find another way to serve my country.

I'm 15, a freshman, north carolina. I'm in CAP, and good friends with the JROTC col and first sergeants at my school. And 1/2+ of my friends are in JROTC.

my $0.02

HI im 15 to. I'm in a jrotc. But air force. I do jrotc usmc on thye side. MY dad or mom are not military but my uncles are. Soon i will to. I'm part of the drill team. Rifle corp lance corporal. First name Jon. So good luck and cool to meet another fresh with marine interest.