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hey there,

the names anna, im 15... im a freshman in high skool, i have always dreamed of being in the military since i was young... right now im a armyJROTC and im a cadet sergeant... i participate in Raider team (cadet rangers/SF) all drill(unarmed/armed reg, unarmed/armed ex, sabers, gidon, color guard)... my life has been going well in JROTC, i just got a couple awards for drill meets and competions. and I got a ribbon for being the most physically fit girl in JROTC (more than the BC, XO and CSM). so im happy :D :D :D :D
(i feel like im bragging... :? :? )
I want to join the marines... i wanna be a field medic....
im still trying to find out if females can join the "Rangers".. if i could then im joining the army... well i have to much too say, i i dont stop then im gonna go overboard... byes... oh and i like to get to know ppl and talk$


Hi, Raider Girl. Always nice to have a new member :) . Just for future reference, this post belongs in the Chit-Chat areas...
way to go

i am also 15 and a freshman in highschool i live in VA and i want to join the Marines also.... but i just thought i would inform you that the marine corps doesnt use medics to be a medic you would hve to join the navy as a corpsman

:cry: :cry: :cry: aww, that really sux :cry: :cry: :cry:

i have always wanted to be a ranger... oh well, i guess that means marines :? .... but maybe army if i can be airborne ( :?: big maybe :?: )

i live on oahu its a great place...

thanks for all the welcomes

Sumthing my Raider commander taught me... (he love starbucks coffee)


:coffee: <this is me lol :roll: :D
i found a pic of me during one of my drill meets.. im in my green beret, hope you like ^_^

Ahhh to be 15 again...well maybe not. i just couldnt handle all that physical conditioning the military needs now! :D

its good to see someone spun up and tight...and happy. Go kick their tail ends young lady!
they do different types of drilling with fire arms and flags (color gaurd) in the regular category and the expert category, at least im pretty sure thats what they do.
soilder79936 said:
hey raider girl its cool that ur in armed ex and reg im am 2 and im also in color guard

Translation: Hello, Raider Girl, its nice to meet you. It's cool that yo'ure in the Color Guard, I am too! I'll see you around then.

That's what he said in English. I'll translate into your language too Redneck.

Howdy, Raider Gal, its nice t'meet yo'. It's right fine thet yo'ure in th' Colo' Guard, ah's too! Fry mah hide! I'll see yo' aroun' then, as enny fool kin plainly see. :cowb: