Pic-Quiz:Military Hardware Trivia

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Negative. Never surrender. You'll come around to my way of thinking eventually. I'm just wondering where Redleg, GuyontheRight, and FutureRanger are.

I dont know where they are, but the points are not going to you!
IT IS NOT THE LEOPARD 2A5!!! :x :wink:
Not all of use are on the computer all day Redneck :D

Actually the ones I dont know by heart I just pass by, Im to lazy to go all the way to FAS or GSO to find out 8)
Not on it all day, just have computers everywhere I go around here, Army just gave us a dozen for the COC, so whenever I'm there I take your butts to town on this trivia thing. :lol:
Wait a minute, so does that mean yes or no? Come on now, don't be cruel to a heart that's true. :lol:

The pics are similar, but it is not the fencer-
Simple proof- the Fencer has 2 engines, the Picquiz has 1....
But the resemblance is pretty dang good, right? Come on now, throw me a bone.

And it's the MiG-23 Flogger.

Its the flogger. I am stopping the Picquiz now, its not a mch...more of a dialog between me and redneck...
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