Pic-Quiz:Military Hardware Trivia

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It's a Colt 1911A1 to be precise.. :wink:
The easiest way to tell the difference between the 1911 and 1911A1 is the screw at the bottom of the grip, the 1911 has a trianguar shape under the screw..
(and there's also some difference on the trigger, the back of the grip and a couple of other details....)

It's also known as the Colt 45..
I bought a BB version of this one in Lebanon. (to shoot sodacans and bugs.. :D )

And yes Sherman, it's a handgun! 8)
Yes it is.. :D

It's an AC-130U "Spooky". Also called C-130 Hercules Gunship.

It's a MEAN piece of Hardware!
Carying a 105mm M-102 Howitzer, 40mm cannon L60 Bofors cannon , and one 25mm GAU-12 Gatling gun!!!! 8)
It is the AC-130.
There are about 50 variants of the basic C-130, but the AC-130 (A,E,H, and U) is the only gunship.
GuyontheRight said:
I dunno, that could easilly be a AC130 "Spectre", but does anyone really know the difference?

Hm, let me see...

Ok here we go: :D

The first Gunship AC-47D "Spooky" (also "Puff the Magic Dragon" or just "Puff") had only three SUU-11A 7.62 mm "miniguns" with a 6,000 round per minute rate of fire.

The AC-130A ¨"Plain Jane" was the first C-130 Gunship, and had four 7.62 MXU-470 miniguns and four M61A1 20 mm cannons.
The AC-130A was upgraded a couple of times, called "Surprise Package" and "Pave Pronto" and was armed with Two 20 mm M61A1 "Vulcan" cannons and two 40 mm M1 "Bofors" cannons

Next upgrade was the AC-130E "Pave Spectre" had the same armament as "Pave Pronto", but had some other upgrades.
AC-130E "Pave Aegis" had Two 20 mm M61A1 "Vulcan" cannons (2500 rounds pr minute), one 40 mm M1 "Bofors" cannon, and one 105 mm M-102 Howitzer cannon.

AC-130H "Spectre" has the same armament as the 130E, but has several other improvevents (ECM etc...)
The AC-130U "Spooky" has one 25mm Gatling gun (1800 rounds pr minute) instead of the the Vulcan cannons.
(and it also has a lot of other improvements...)

It looks like the Gunship in the picture has only one Gatling Gun, so I think it's an AC-130U.. :D

Do I get the point??? :D :D
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Looks like an OH6A, but the rear stabilizer is wrong. Anyway, I gotta get showered and on the road, have to drive a vanload of cadets to do BRM. Yeeha. :lol:
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