Pic-Quiz:Military Hardware Trivia

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yes.it si an M113

Yes Colonel, It is a M113 based vhiecle,but someone is going to have to give the specific name.As to the ADA, Maybe,maybe not.....
Dang, you're too quick. :lol:

I'm stumped again, sherman105, you're making me feel like a real dummie here, off-hand it looks like a T62, but the gun tube is wrong, it has shaped armor on it's snout, and it has one too many road wheels. Give me a chance to look for it and I'll be back.

It's a pinko tank, does that work?
:cry: :cry: :cry: :x :x
I recognized this one right away....

You beat me with 10min!!!!
But I have been away at work all day..

I want 1/2 point!!!! :wink:

I recognized the MLRS!!
Can I get 1 point for that?? :D
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