Marines or Soldiers??

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The war that had past

I watched Cnn during the time of war and the count of dead marines is pretty high. Where is their back up? They lost the most soldiers out of everybody. Over 250 marines are dead!!! WHY?!!
I think

Again, as I said, I have only respect for the Marines. But anyone who says the Army dident fight is wrong(or lieing). The GIs gave everything in every war the Army fought. The Marines fought bravely in every hellhole the US govronment sent them. Its just not right to say things like
There are more dead marines than army

common, No MERCY, your all on the same side!

Personnaly, my entire family was in the Land Army...obvcours, Israel dosent have Marines....

I understand they all fought the same war. They all sacreficed something. Ok, I agree they all fought hard and did their best. I guess I can't trust what reporters say anymore!!

Hello, No MERCY, and how are you today? What branch of service did you say you were in?

Over 250 marines are dead

I'm assuming you're refering to Operation Iraqi Freedom here. As a Marine that served in this war, and lost fellow brothers, I would appreciate it if you would stop inflating our KIAs. I'm sure from the comfort of your living room, it's easy to lose count of how many, what with video games, girls, safe nights sleeping and all. As of this month, the USMC has lost 82 Marines (see, that's with a capital "M")

How about those soldiers? Okay, the US Army (those would be the soldiers) have lost 433.

Do not ever try to get into a pissing match of the branches using dead and honourable men.

Perhaps you've finally learned a good lesson in life, you don't trust reporters .. they aren't there, they aren't doing it. Just like you.

Now young man, I suggest you take a step back and from now on watch what you say. If you want to someday be a part of the military, practise the three L's .. Look, Listen and Learn.
Anyone who knows anything about the military would understand that you cannot compare the two. They have two completely different missions. It is the job of the Marines and project force by sea. However, the Marines may be an effective land force, but they cannot conduct extended ground combat operations, they have neither the equipment or the manpower. Which is why the Army was has stayed ion Iraq, to condcut extended counterinsergency operations. People who say that the Marines are for fighting and the Army is for guarding are just plain ignorant. Ah, so thats what all of the "movement to contact" drills are for, guarding things, retards. Last time I checked, Tanks, Bradleys, Strykers, and Blackhawks are not meant for guarding things, they are meant to move swiftly across the battlefield in order to close with and destroy the enemy. A Tank guarding something makes too good of an RPG target. Power to the Marines, you guys can Amphib assault. But Last time I checked there were no Marine Airborne or Mech divisions.
After long, deliberate thought I have determined the baddest mofos ever to grace a branch of service. This should end all debate. In order of importance
1. finance clerk
2. admin clerk
3. supply clerk
4. sadistic PA with big fingers
Piss any of these off and you will truly wish you were dead. On second thought, if you get on the wrong side of 1 and 2, then you will probably be declared dead even if it is not true. Try settling your TDY voucher with the finance clerk you just alienated.

Like I said before, a grunt is a grunt. When we get broke, we all bleed the same, well, some of us spurt instead of gush .. but eh, semantics.
Jaeger, why so hostile, did you have a hard day at school?

Do you research first before you say something.

Cadet huh? Wow. I bow to your wordly real time been there, done that knowledge!

I see you're hoping for a spot with the UN - such diplomacy!


As I see it, there are few here (at least those commenting) that have actually had boot on the ground in an infantry unit, and until you have .. be it with the Army or the Marines, you won't understand.

See above post, that should end all debate .. it's the pogues that rule!
Oh yeah, cook .. can't forget the spoons - piss those off, you really will wish you're dead. :cheers: Cheers, lads.
You shouldn't make snap statements like that, not good form. It is
I am a Prior Service Cadet. I was a dismount with B Co. 1/120th IN. I think that qualifies as boots on the ground time. I am training to be an officer not a diplomat, I tell it like it is. Don't patronize me.
What does it matter? Army, Marines, we're all fighting for the US. Some chose to go to the USMC, some (me included) decided to go Army. I will say this: You will NOT find a more squared away group of troopers than the marine corps. If you are the enemy, pray to GOD youd on't cross the USMC's path, because, much like the Army Rangers, they will dessimate EVERYTHING in their path (hell yeah :D )

Yeah, there's an Army/Marine Corps rivalry, but in my view, it's all in good fun.

and RnderSafe is right: unless you have experienced it first hand...yeah...

never the less, I'm still driving to become an Infantry officer...hooah.

p.s. - I hate ROTC with every ounce of my soul.
Why? It's putting you where you want to be. I don't like many things about our program (such as the "if it's rainin, we ain't trainin" attitude you generally come across), but it's going to give me my commission, and I'm proud of what I am. And when that day comes, I will know that I have earned that commission, regardless of what anyone else thinks.
You gotta keep your eyes on the prize. I have been on the enlisted side of the house, believe you me, it is a lot better as an officer. Whenever you start getting down always remember, it really isn't all that bad, and things could always be worse, wherever you are.
You shouldn't make snap statements like that, not good form.

Good, perhaps you can learn something from that little statement you made, re your earlier tone. You never know who you're talking to, or attempting to talk down at. If you're going to become an officer, you will need to learn how to deal with others, confidence is one thing .. but arrogance is completely different.

I think that qualifies as boots on the ground time.
All depends on what you did.

Now, on to better business.

I have been on the enlisted side of the house, believe you me, it is a lot better as an officer.

I enjoyed the enlisted side much better than the officer. Being an officer was great, except for the PC BS that comes with the job, and that is bad enough these days to ruin it for many good O's. Being an NCO helped make me a better officer, but it isn't necessarily better or worse either route.

ROTC can be fairly difficult for those that seek a higher standard, but hang in there .. it's the means justifying the ends - they'll teach you a thing or two, take what you can from it. Besides, you can learn some really great things... like how some women really do look nice in light green and loam.
I think most of you get the point about Marines and Soldiers..

I'll lock this discussion now, before it turns nasty again..

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