I bring to you the hardest most challenging games

What's with the green wall? I never seem to get it green. It's at the first sight a black wall, but then you have to play checkers like with the green dots. :?
i hate that evil wall. :evil: U have to make all except 3 blocks green before it opens and u find more doors. Only a few more levels to go :p
i beat the game yesterday and i'm trying for the second time....i cant figure out how to get the door open on the level with the computer and the passord quest...someone mentioned that the password west and then enter would open the doors but it doesnt...can anyone help me?
Swift&silent said:
The following game took me about 6 hours to solve. It almost caused me to destroy my computer. You want your brain challenged here it is


Then the following game took me about 3 hours to solve


Good luck and


o.k. i i'm doing the first one and i'm stuck in the rooms with all the pipes!!! help!! i've been stuck there about three days :oops: i don't get a chance to play much, but i looooove these games got any more??


If you need any help on any of the rooms let me know. I will try to remember exactlly what I did to finally solve it
Welcome back Swift..
So where have you been the last couple of months? :)