I bring to you the hardest most challenging games

Extremely hard game : Command & Conquer : Generals on BRUTAL setting with the Chinese. :x
What do I do with the head in the box?? and the three tiles?

HELP ME!!! :shock:

I AM ADDICTED.. I can literrly die of frustration and kill this comp on the way down.. I can't stop playing it either.
Head in the box and three tiles? what level are u on?

the best advice for this game is to randomly click on EVERYTHING :D

Good luck
when your at the stairway click on the bottom right ballthingy. and insert a tile into each slot. You need to make sure they are lined up so the head can go across following the lines. then get the chair and pull it back down.
Whao... What is this game?! You all are talking about heads in boxes, chairs and tiles, keys and posters!!! :shock:

Sounds like a game that will scare me. I get scared at anything, and............its night time.........NOOOO! Oh well, here we go!
I know its pathetic but what do you do at the second room/level. With the computer and the floppy disk box. I was trying to use it on the disk drive but it wont do anything.
I told you.. The clock is 8:30 AM and the first thing I do is to sit by the computer and solve the game. :shock:

Thanks.. Thank you all very much for increasing my addictive playing side.

Ruin a such a young girl as myself.. :shock:

You all shall be ashamed of yourself! :shock:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
How the :cen: :cen: :cen: :cen: :cen: :cen: :cen: , can I get past the green thingy. :shock:

I can find the damn pattern of these thingy things. I wanna get through the security door.. :cry:
But I have been sitting by that thing in hours.. I can't get through it.. Can anyone use my cookie and send it back to me when done? :lol:
no wouldnt work it would just send you back to where you last left off. I can try and tell which to to hit but cant promise anything