Favorite Weapon?

L1A1 Aussie made FN FAL 7.62.

A rifle who's extraordinary good looks are only exceeded by it's faultless performance.
I had to make do with the old Lee Enfield, and the half dollar Sten gun that fired off when it liked. Our best weapon then was the Bren.

Later in life I took to a 5 shot skeet gun, in case of burglars or bears. But now I rely on that great weapon - the pen.
USAS-12 would be an interesting experience. I haven't had the opportunity to fire it, so it don't qualify and I don't think it's legal for me to own it.
I'll take my Remington 870 in case I get in a disagreement- easy to handle, fits me well, and from my experience makes a damn good club.
Good choice merk. My grandmother used to shoot competitively with an S&W 6-round revolver. Not sure of the model, though.
Hm.. I'm not too picky with weapon type, which probably shows that I've never been put into a critical situation with one.

However, to name a few...
Bo (wooden stick) or Naginata (spear-like weapon)
Long-range, precision rifles.
Iron Claw (Ninjutsu Version)
Sai (2 to 3-pronged, anti-blade weapon(s))
Any medium-length sword or blade.
And the Human body, and mind.
It is odd thing but if i had a choice I would chose the biggest and most destructive weapon I could find so that I could do it to them before they could do it to me
That is surely the USA position - ain't it? And mine I think, if I know me and mine are about to get it. If we can't protect our own, how can we possibly protect anyone else. Touch me not with impunity - my regimental motto.

20mm Finnish reccoilless rifle anyone? (found this on the internet, not my picture).

Since I'm still a 14 year old kid, I'd preffer a C8 (shortened version of the C7) or the C7.
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this one...

The Titan II, not fitted with a Gemini capsule as in this case but rather one fitted with a W-53 Warhead.
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This is left way to open what type of weapon?
Hand gun- S and W .44
Rifle- AR 15 .223 flat top, bull barrel
Compound bow- Switchback XT
Long Bow- Self made in house
Shot gun for birds- 20 gauge benelli
Shot gun for deer- Remington 870