Favorite Weapon?

Favorite pistol I've fired would have to be my bro's Kimber Custom II.
The only rifle I've fired within the last 10 years or whatever is the M-16, it was alright, took forever for me to zero though.

I would love to fire a few rounds from an M240. And fire off a couple sabot rounds.
My favorite weapon of all time is the C7A1 Rifle. It looks like an American M-16A2, but the carrying handle is replaced with a 3x Scope. It also has the option of a laser sight or the M203 Grenade Launcher.
The custome colt .45 that vash the stampede has on the hit anime Trigun also i like wolfwoods giant gun thingy 8) cause im cool like that ya
ive never shot it but, id have to say the sten, that gun is sooooooooooooooo sweet, actually ive only shot it in the games.....still. ;)
My hands... :D

Or the M1911...

Or a 12 gauge sawed off shotgun with a fat slug in it.

They'll all put holes in someone.

...I forgot the Mk 19. We all know what that does :D
M60 machine gun. They are turning in the ones from our unit and replaced them with SAW's. Thats just communistic! lol. Seriously though, they havent sent them in yet and when we clean our rifles I still draw them out to make sure they are squared away. I loved that hawg!
the best weapon i have fired, well that i like, was an old BAR at this shooting range, sure you couldn't hold it up fer long, but you could shred a large truck with that thing, it packs a good punch, and recoil

the best that i haven't fired.....toughy.....i'd say a good old 120 mm cannon from an abrams, now that would be hunting.....from a couple miles away :twisted:

My General weapon of choice would be a sniper for its purpose...stealth at its finest along with precision/accuracy.
my hands.

A shovel. Great for close range.

My drumsticks, range - across a large bandroom, around 50 - 100 ft at least at still leave quite a bruise.