Favorite Weapon?


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That you have shot, and that you hav not. (Yes, i can rhyme)

My favorite firearm is my Weatherby Mark V. I've got Zeiss 1.5-6x scope on it that costs roughly $1200. The gun wasn't cheap either.
I really havent fired a lot of the guns i like, but I KNOW its unpractical but i like the IMI Desert Eagle, .50 or 357. I like its style, kick ass and take names. Shoot first, ask questions later. It may not have the compactness but i like it. :D
A GAU-8 30 MM rotoray cannon...coupled to an A-10 warthog.

Favorite personal weapon? A 1903 Springfield rife. :shock:
I've always wanted one of those '03s to use as a deer rifle. Actually an M2HB would work great, too.
Hey honey, round up the kids, I done shot me a whole herd of them deers.

I'd have to say my favorite weapon (that I've fired) is my blowgun. That thing is so accurate its insane. I could hurt deer if I wanted to.

My favorite weapon that I haven't fired would my battle axe. I could go hunting bear with that thing.

yea and guns are alright too :lol:
LOL @ M2HB as a deer gun!
Getting that thing into the treestand would be a 8!+(#!
"Hey fred, you got any recipes for deer soup, cause the biggest chunk of meat left on this one could fit in my pocket!"
They ain´t nothin wrong with a lil bit of venison ground round :lol: .

Heck if you use tracers you could have some chow while you´re cutting up what was left of the meat. :lol:
Couldn't you just pepper the countryside with Artillery, and then pick what you want to eat out of the ashes? It'd be like a smorgasbord. "Oh, look, they have rabbit! I think..."
I was the 249 gunner in my squad, and I LOVED it. Everybody else thought it was a POS cause it would fire one round and "jam". These morons never read TM's apparently, because they would always load the belt, shut the cover, THEN rack the cocking handle. Well, this would load a round, alright, but would NOT engage the feed cam, so it would fire on round and jam. You had to pull the lever back FIRST, then close the cover. Dorks, they SHOW you how at the range! Still, it meant I always had to be in the QRF :( .
I like my Rem. 860 SuperMag. 12ga Ducks oh ducks beware this fall...
And I have a Taurus .38 Ultralight I carry for those late night trips to WalMart.. what a great little gun.
Haven't had the pleasure of shooting anything else.... Air Force, ya know. LOL. :? :p
You hunt anything else, Battleaxe? My favorite is chukkar, get yourself a nice workout while you're doing it :lol: .
I think i miss shotting my good old "indian bow and arrow". Man that weapon had some good kick in it. And accurate too, whewooooweeeee ;)