Favorite Music

The Best of Bread, Boston, Journey, Stix, Queen,....70's soft rock, 80's....Classical...Japanese Instrumental, and Spanish!!!! :)
There are no genres of music that there isn't at least something I'll listen to.

But generally my favorites are Indie, Ska, Acapella, and Folk. Artists such as Spoon, Beirut, Fleet Foxes, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Rockapella, Four Guys Standing Around Singing, Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, Robbie Fulks. Those are generally my favorites.
TOG, look up Straight No Chaser on youtube... There a modern doo-wop group from Indiana University... They're absolutely phenomenal.
I'll try just about every genre of music but I'm extremely picky about it in general. I mostly listen to power metal, southern rock, trance and techno (Aphex Twin and Darude own), with some classical in there, the truly epic-sounding orchestral scores only.

Some of the groups I listen to frequently are Iced Earth, Sabaton, and of course Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. I can't stand this modern pop crap, especially not rap.

When I'm riding with friends and they listen to Weezy or whoever they're told to like this month I feel like stabbing my eardrums with an awl. There is one exception, the only rapper I like; Necro. His stuff is practically half metal, and ALWAYS unrelentingly brutal and morbid, so be warned. Runs his own label too.

Edit: Anyone know of any good instrumental Arabic or Japanese music? I think I'd like it but I don't know where to start.
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I like songs from all genres, but i really like rock. and i mean all rock like 60's,70's,80's etc ;) i have a bunc of "vietnam era" rock cd's i love those songs.
Mostly metal. But anything good for the moment. I have no problems with music if the rest is ok, have a completely full activated system of disconnecting music mode when I don´t like it and when I am alone I play what I like.

Worst is that sometimes I get hooked on some songs for days...
I like soft rock, some metal, rock, opera, blues, country, and sappy stuff but not that r&b or rap, :smile: