Favorite Music

Who are these people? Kelly Clarkson sounds familiar but I can't place her, never heard of the other two.
Darkmb101 said:
Nevermind, um does anyone listen to Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aken(spelling)?

Didnt clay Aken not win the american idol??? And he has had way more publicity than the other dude who won lol...

now thats funny

the marine on American Idol .. yeah he works for me.. well in another shop but same chain of command

josh gracin or something...

he got 4th or something
great country boy...

marine boy on tv.. lol
Chaotic, did you see that one Marine who auditioned at the beginning (I only watched the first one so I won't know much about what's going on with the contest now)? The one who marched in and screamed his song standing at attention? Now I would pay to see him on stage. :lol:
There was a soldier on there, too (I believe she was from the 82nd), who I thought was actually really good.
I like allmost everything a bit but mostly I listen finnish rock, Classic and metal, mainly black and deathmetal and some grindcore.
With music I will just listen to what everyone else is playing. I just have no taste for the stuff. :twisted:
Hard digital like the Crystal Method, BT, and rock, classic rock, contemporary bluegrass..
Heck, a little bit of everything I guess.