Favorite Music

R'n'B, Rap, Classical, Rock, Hardrock, Ballads.. Hmm..

Alot of stuff actually, Right now the most popular CD is Black Eyed Peas. :D
I don't like any of these modern "artists". Call me antisocial, but the way this generation idolizes their tomfoolery pisses me off. I suppose its always like that though.
Everything except pop and rap.

By everything...I mean EVERYTHING. I have CD's I've burned that start off as country gospel and end up as Pantera or Dimmu Borgir.
i used to listen to some country, thats what my dad listens to all the time practically lol, but now i listen to somewhat punk like New Found Glory, Finch, and Blink 182
Anything, just play it LOUD, ok! :D :D :D

Good old fashioned Heavy Metal and Punk Rock!!
Iron Maiden, Manowar, Metallica, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Ramstein etc. etc.. 8)
i listen to anything and everything.. well minus polka.. polka is just plain annoying.

Britney and Justin.. heh they are good at dance clubs
you know on that superbowl note...
all the music there sucked..
how very retro in a sense how everyone went back and tried their old music..
the half time show IMO sucked.. even the boob shot ... not even a good shot..
superbowl used to be known for their halftime shows.. il think twice before seeing it again....
I actually missed the whole thing, for the past few years we've been using halftime for our B-double-E-double-R-U-N. There never seems to be enough from the first one, anyone ever notice that?

Yeah, I know, :eek:fftopic: :lol: .

I also really enjoy operas, but don't tell anyone. :lol:
I really like one song with Bob Seeger..

Though, I don't know anything about him or that way. NOly heard one song.

Bob Seeger - Like A Rock!
Call me antisocial, but the way this generation idolizes they tomfoolery pisses me off.

I agree, but I like alot of alternative rock, but I dont idolize groups or anything. At least most of the time, Im a Lynyrd Skynyrd junkie :D