Famous former Marines.

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Opha Mae Johnson - became the first woman Marine on Aug 13, 1918
Capt. Sarah Deal first female Marine Corps pilot April 21, 1995
Brigadier General Margaret Brewer, first woman Marine to attain that rank May 11, 1978
Baby blue marines are sent home during boot camp because they can't hack it. They were a baby blue uniform home. I dont know if they still do that but it must have been humiliating. Unless you have seen baby blue marine then you might not care that much.
hey dont forget about Warlen Bermudez........... well thats me and i just got out of the marines but i am gonna be famous someday so in like 5-7 years someone is going to be talking like that about me.

Im proud to have served, but i am more proud of the people that served before me.
General Alexander A. Vandegrift

Led the U.S. offensive against the Japanese on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands during WWII. First Marine to be awarded the Navy Cross and Medal of Honor and first Marine to hold the rank of 4-star General while still on active duty. 18th Commandant 1944-1948
Ray Mercer USMC----Famous Boxer
Shaggy USMC--------Rapper
Leon Spinks USMC----Famous Boxer
Lee Trevino-------PGA Golfer
Pat Tillman USA---NFL football player
Chuck Norris USAF----Actor/Marshal Artist
Johnny Carson USN----Host of the Tonight Show
Bill Cosby USN-----Actor
Clint Eastwood USA----Actor
Rocky Marciano USA----Famous Boxer
Dave Thomas USA----Founder of Wendy's resteraunts
wasn't Elvis in the US army postal service during 'Nam?

Nope, Elvis was a Tank Crewman with the 1st Battalion 32nd Armor in Friedberg Germany from 1958 to 1960, which is before Viet Nam really got started. :)
Unfortunately, we've had some not so good famous marines as well...like John Wayne Gacy, gay killer of 33 young men and boys (33 known anyway, may be more). Their are others as well unfortunately, Lee Harvey Oswald is another.
Rod Carew - 6 years USMCR Combat Engineer -baseball hall of famer.

Roberto Clemente- USMCR Grunt Baseball hall of famer

Gil Hodges- Baseball player. Bronze Star WWII

George Jones- Country Music Star

Tom Seaver- Baseball Hall of Famer- Airwinger USMCR

F. Lee Bailey- Criminal Defense Attorney Sam Sheppard and OJ Simpson cases- USMC Naval Aviator

Mark Fuhrman- Former LAPD Detective in OJ case. Former USMC Sgt
My uncle Fred - served in the big one WWII: Roi-Namur, Saipan, Tinian and Iwo Jima.

A hero to me.

RIP 1922 - 2008.
I believe the thread was made the list marines made famous by their other actions, stop listing marines made famous for being marines.
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And BTW it's about famous people who have served in the Marine Corps so your wrong.
Well there ya go....now you know.

Has far as I'm concerned anyone who wants to can list their uncle, brother whoever if they served in the Marine Corps, up to and including Private Shmuckatelli........anyone who has ever served in the Corps knows that guy.
Ooh-Rah Gunny, all marines should be famous in this country. Any marine that raised their right hand has put their butt on the line at that moment. Heroes!